Yum, It’s A Wrup

I'm sitting here with the worst case of poison oak I've had in maybe a decade, loaded up on antihistamine and feeling generally pretty miserable. But it's WRUP time, so let's get to it.

It has been decided that Day's Gone will have it's day in the sun on PC in May. If you'll remember, Days Gone came out for the PS4 back in 2019 and tossed players in the role of a biker trying to upgrade his motorcycle during the zombie apocalypse. Some people loved the survival horror vibe even if the game play was repetitive and other people felt less excited about it as they rode from area to area looking for gas or what have you and fighting off the same feeling zombie goons as the last place they were at. Never the less the game was a hit and no matter your position on it's upcoming PC release, it's a good thing. Less exclusivity means more people get to enjoy more titles. More of this please.

Fat Shark as updated Vermintide 2 with the free Chaos Wastes expansion. The expac is a game mode that turns your session into a rogue lite play through. The further you go the harder it gets and the greater the rewards for trying. It seems pretty cool to me and I might be reinstalling the game to check it out. Here's a look from the official site https://www.vermintide.com/chaoswastes

Outriders has been a blast to play, pardon the pun, but it's had it's share of hindrances as well. From connection issues dropping players, cross play integration not working properly, various performance problems and crashes, to folks just losing their inventories out of the blue, it's been kind of a crap shoot. People Can Fly have been very transparent about the issues and have released a few patches that seem to be relieving a lot of the annoyances that have plagued the system up to now. I've noticed performance increases even on my old Vega 64 GPU and haven't had a crash since the first major patch. There's more to come as well with more bug squashing as they pop up and some balance changes to help characters feel more powerful. Which is good because enemies in Outriders feel even more spongy than in Borderlands. Last night I was playing my Devastator along side a friend who is a Pyromancer, both of us feel like we're spec'd pretty well and we're using weapons in the range 11 to 12k firepower at level 27 and we spent, no joke, about 15 minutes on one mini boss. The Shaman Warlord, in fact. Not a particularly hard fight, easily telegraphed attacks and not a ton of moving around is needed except for when he performs "lightning strike". Even the game knows the sponginess is unbalanced as there's an ammo box available to refill as many times you need during the fight. This guy isn't even an actual boss, more like a tougher captain, just an area leader. It took tens of thousands of rounds and a constant skill rotation over that quarter hour period to bring down one guy. This is boring game play, guys. So yeah, glad to see a rebalance coming soon.

Nvidia isn't letting the recent failure of a hash rate limiter stop them from releasing new GPU's with limiters. The 3080 Ti, along with the rest of the new lineup should be coming with a limiter for mining hash rates and are slated to support resizeable BAR. I wonder how long it'll be before there's a driver to remove that limit as well. Videocardz has a bit more on this

What are we playing this weekend?

Greywolfe: magic: the gathering, via the arena client. there's a new set out. i actually don't care about 99% of the set, but it has some super old cards in some very interesting frames that i AM interested in. there's just one problem. because wotc don't want the old format they've set up to be very powerful, they've pre-banned most of the very interesting cards from that, so eh. i'm just collecting to stare at the pretty pictures. whee! otherwise, i'm not sure. i've been playing space quest 1 [both versions] and that's been pretty fun. maybe i just need to make it a retro weekend and play something else like that.

AJ: I've been on a big Switch kick recently and have even started purchasing cartridge versions of several titles I'd previously bought on other platforms. Also, April is my rpg month, so I'm probably gonna play me some Skyrim and Final Fantasy XII (and perhaps some Link's Awakening) on the Switch.

Scrooloose: Epic has Deponia and two other titles for free right now, so I've started Deponia and I'm happy I did. Outriders is on the agenda, I've started a solo Technomancer and I have to say the game feels more balanced for single player so far. Still loving the Multiplayer aspect but I'm looking forward to balancing patches.

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