Good morning everyone. It's time for another fall weekend WRUP and I'm just the guy to bring it to you on what is hopefully a beautiful, crisp morning for everyone. At least for those of us in the northern Hemisphere. Here's to a lovely weekend. Let's get to the topics.

If you've ever dreamed of having a gaming console featuring iconic under sea pineapple dweller, Spongebob smeared all over it, you might be in luck. Microsoft announced a Spongebob Xbox Series X as well as a version in the form of Leonardo from TMNT. The styling is to celebrate the release of Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl and they actually look pretty fun. Your character themed series X will also come with a matching controller that will presumably always go to player one. The caveat is that the consoles aren't for sale. They are a limited edition and are being posed as prizes for winning a drawing that of course means you'll have to retweet some garbage from the Xbox twitter. Here's more from Engadget

DDR5 RAM is starting to make some big strides toward the common market and though it's still quite expensive we can assume prices will come down as units are sold and DDR5 matures, not to mention RAM prices fluctuate pretty regularly anyway. It's interesting that RAM is still seeing the effects of Moore's law as DDR5 is not only giving us more speed, but also much larger capacity DIMMS and for less voltage. Just look at this kit from Geil, shown by Techplayboy

AMD and Intel are still battling it out in the CPU wars. Both have new releases for 2022 and will support DDR5 on the new platforms. Intel will release Alder Lake this year supposedly and Raptor Lake in 2022. AMD is planing a refresh for early next year and will look ahead to the Ryzen 6000 series further into 2022. The plan for both companies is a significant uplift in performance while also being more power efficient. Here are a couple of links to see what's what. Techadvisor, PC Gamer

Are we playing games too?

Greywolfe: well, i finished off wishbringer. it was fairly good. it's basically a decent entry-level infocom text adventure, in case anyone's curious and wants to try it. /most/ of the solutions to the puzzles were fairly logical and while there's a lot of dead ends, [it was made in 1985, when that sort of thing was par for the course for the genre] it's a small enough game that the dead ends are pretty obvious and replaying isn't too much of a chore because the game world is so small. as for vampyr, i'm chapter 4 and barreling towards the end of the side stories. once those are done, i'll just be staring down the main quest and then that will be finished. my slow dark souls playthrough continues, too. got to the bottom of blight town and am just casually farming a few titanite for some weapons. it's very relaxing.

AJ: I went to a retro video game store last weekend and picked up a copy of Madden '95 for the Sega Genesis and Revolution X for the Sega Saturn (both for nostalgia reasons). So, I might play those a bit, as well as Ghouls 'N Ghosts on the Genesis, which I already owned.

Scrooloose: I reinstalled the 2017 Total War: Warhammer and played a some of that before I was wiped off the map about 6 turns after Chaos showed up. So I might being trying that again. The Riftbreaker has released and I plan on some base building and tower defense there. And as usual I'm still driving trucks in the mud and snow in SnowRunner. I made a pretty big time wasting mistake recently and it made me step back for a few days, but I'm ready to rememdy the situation.

Yoda: I'm gnna Play path of exile till my eyes fall out!!

Tru: Another week, huh? Time flies. More Metroid: Dread for me if I find the time. Also more of Alan Wake Remastered. Might try to pop in a horror game this week as well. Maybe I'll go in and Play more Resident Evil 2 Remake. Not sure.

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