Wruppity Wrup Wruppin’

You can probably tell by the title of this WRUP that I'm a pretty good rapper. A 'Wrupper' if you will. There are many mad rhymes to be spit, fools!

Nah I'm just kidding. I can't rap musically. Now if we're talking about one-on-one sit-downs where the talk gets real, then I'm your after school special. E.G. Pardon me good sir, "let's rap" about meaningful stuff and things.

How about we rap about this 64 core Threadripper a little? This silicon madness that is very nearly but not quite a server CPU for personal computers. This wild and crazy compiler of data can tear up the workloads. The problem is that it's so niche that it's probably useless for almost everyone who may want it. The idea is that the 3990x is for high work load work stations that require some serious horsepower. Something like a VFX studio where lots of rendering is happening, or maybe personal server space where several drives are being hammered at once or something like that. The issue is that AMD have artificially limited the CPU's abilities in certain aspects in order not to step on the actual server grade, Epyc CPU's. Specifically, the total capacity for RAM is hampered to unbuffered DIMM's and though it claims to be able to support two terabytes of RAM, it's actually more equivalent to 256 gigabytes when it comes to performance. Still the Threadripper 3990x is a hell of a part for $3,990 USD. The equivilant core power from Intel would come in the form of the Xeon Platinum 8280, costing more than $10,000 USD. And you'll need two of them to match cores and PCIE lanes.

The deciding factor will depend on the workloads you're tossing at the CPU. If you need horsepower and cores then this is your CPU. If you need boat loads more RAM capacity, then maybe something from Intel makes more sense. Even if it costs much more money up front, the balance in time saved by being able to support so much more RAM for your specific workload type could offset that extra cost.

Let's rap about Twitch Streamers who feel like they can demand money from viewers because they aren't having fun. This guy, WingsOfRedemtion, was having a particularly bad session in CoD 4. He was losing maps left and right and had just about had enough because he was frustrated. And let's be honest, we've all had those bad days when nothing goes right and we just want it to end. That's understandable. Where it gets dicey is when you decide that in order to continue a stream, you make a public demand to your followers that they donate at least $10.00 an hour to your channel or you're quitting. Yeah, this dude did just that. And you can probably guess how that went over. He was kind of laughed at for the idea, first off. Followers mostly suggested he play something else. He was also ridiculed for not having a "real job", which is BS you guys. If you're there watching a streamer, said streamer is doing their job and if they have enough followers to be paid for streaming then that's a valid point of income. And without said streamer doing their job, you wouldn't be watching that stream. Anyway, instead of moving on to another title he just continued to become more and more frustrated until he eventually quit and whined about other people were winning and he wasn't.

The moral of this story is something like: Don't be a self entitled prick because you aren't having fun. If you're doing a job and you take that seriously then you've got to stick through it; even on the bad days.

It's also #4iF time. The guys are all putting their lists of games for February together and getting ready to buckle down complete those four titles. Stay tuned for results.

That's Enough Rapping. What's the Deal With Gaming This Weekend?

Scrooloose: Salt and Sanctuary for me. I'll also be dropping into the second table-top D&D session with the new group. And perhaps some digital board games with friends along with some work that I need pretty desperately.

Greywolfe: games! most notably police quest 4 and the messenger. and the ongoing eastshade stream. i had my first real frustrating thing happen in eastshade last night, where i was fighting with the user interface to do a painting. so it's a good game that needs a little work, then it'll be a great game. it's fantastically gentle and i heartily recommend it if you're looking for a good rpg-like time [without the rpg elements. [there's just little quests to do.]

AJ: Burnout: Crash and Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing.

Yoda: Ahhh i got a new Bike and i put an Alarm on it!! Gonna ride that, play board games, Warframe, Doom, and Global Thermonuclear War ;}


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