WRUP Time is the Right Time

Hey everyone, from a smoky California, it's time for more WRUP and I'm here to provide.

GamesCom has been happening and I have to admit that I haven't paid it very much attention. I have however seen some interesting looking previews lately, whether from GamesCom of not, and I thought today would be a decent time to add myself to the shares. So let's start with Broken Roads. If you're hankering (as the kids say) for a little bit of old school isometric game space this could be the one for you. A little Mad Max and a little Fallout mix it up for what seems like potentially a pretty interesting title. Here's a bit from PC Gamer about it.

Yoda put up a little preview of something called DokeV which is billing itself as an open world adventure game. I don't know if it would be something I'm in to personally but after watching the video the world appears to be designed pretty beautifully and it seems like it could be a ton of fun. Third person free action with tons of modes of conveyance and silliness kind of similar to something like Sunset Overdrive but more in the vein of something like Pokemon, and it's Korean. Yeah it's a weird mish-mash of things, but look for yourself if you think you might be into it.

Another one that caught my attention was Giant's Uprising and though the preview for it looks cool, I still don't really see what it might be exactly. I would speculate that the player takes the role of a giant looking to survive attacks as one of the few of their people left in the region, or the world. Here's the cinematic.

Finally for the day there's a new turn based squad tactical combat game coming along called, Project Haven. I like happen to like these a lot since they more or less replicate a table top experience on your PC or console. This one appears to still need some work. Animations, for instance, are pretty rough. But I do like the design of the levels shown and the drops into a more on point third person view once a character is selected. Here's the official site where you can see videos and screenshots etc.

What's on the docket for now?

Yoda: Tagged a Warrior recently (Mainly to see what my blackstar weapon would look like as a great sword lol) but now I've been really enjoying the class an awful lot. So might grind out some more skill points got him over the weekend or maybe even take him into Kratuga since I haven't gone in there in a while. And with the drop rate event going on this weekend that might be a good idea.

Scrooloose: Well, I had a save game corruption after a blue screen while playing SnowRunner. The backup save was successful but I still lost almost a full 24 hours of play time. That's certainly better than the 500+ hours I have in the game, but I'm playing catch-up for time being. Plague Tale is going along nicely. What a beautifully presented title that's been. The threats to the player character are scary but as you go along things seem to be less and less dangerous as you'll have lots of crafting recipes to distract the rat plague and or the inquisition. It becomes less about running away from eminent death and more about using the rats to your advantage or stealthing by bad NPC's. I'm still considering picking up Jupiter Hell and I've decided to wait on BattleSector since there's an update coming that promises to add extra factions and features -I'd rather play when that happens.


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