WRUP Time Again

Well #4if is done and life resumes as normal. The challengers turn away in triumph or defeat, taking advantage of a short a break before the preparation of next year's #4if. I think for the most part I did pretty well. As did the others taking part in the challenge here. Hopefully they too, will be recapping their experience this year.

On another note completely: Some new games are coming pretty soon. Division 2 is less than a week away and I have to say that I'm actually looking forward to trying this one out. Cody did a beta video of his experience and even though the voice acting is super bad, the game play looks pretty alright. Hopefully it'll prove less of let down than Anthem. Cody also may have an Apex Legends video review coming fairly soon and I'm excited to see that myself. Devil May Cry 5 is out next month and that's another game I'm a little surprised at being excited for. It uses the same game engine as the Resident Evil 2 remake and appears to rendered in much the same fashion. Which is good news because RE:2 is pretty well optimised and it looks fantastic.

So what's on the list this weekend?

Greywolfe: it's weekend, so it's wrup time! i'm finishing up with conquests of the longbow, which is just missing the #4if cutoff and that makes me kind of sad. but then again, i ran into a snag where i just couldn't game for several days there in the middle and i didn't like the prospect of simon 2 and oh god. haha. so i crashed and burned. 2/4. ah well. will try next year. so. new games starting up: beneath a steel sky. and i'm going back into etherlords 2 for the last time. that and quest for glory 4.

Yoda: I'll be finalizing my past due review of Apex Legends and getting more in Assassin's Creed Oddessy. Which is the third game in that series I actually like lol

AJ: Been playing Yoshi’s Island on my slick new Analogue Super Nt (which is basically an HDMI-enabled third-party Super Nintendo, that plays games with 99.9% accuracy). I also just got back into The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild after taking about a year-and-a-half hiatus.

Scroo: Well, more of the usual Apex Legends for me because it's loads of fun. I've also been playing Axiom Verge quite a lot and really loving it's feel. What a great sound track too. I don't really know what else but I'm sure something will come along.

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