WRUP That All Day Long

Good morning everyone. I had a bigger WRUP planned for today but with all the wedding planning and this being the day of the event, I never had the opportunity to write it out. So today has to be short because I have to go.

Scorn is out and you may remember from a WRUP that took place a little ways back that it was supposed to support DirectStorage on PC and Xbox. Unfortunately for us PC users, this is not the case. Here's DSOGaming with the coverage.

Diablo Immortal, ever the champion for controversy, now has a way to get your high end gear gems without having to purchase the random roll from the store, but don't worry, you're still allowed to. Telluric Pearls will be earned through trading items with a vendor that can be earned by playing the game as normal. There will also be some limited events that will reward players with pearls at completion. You'll have to use those to craft your gems. Who knows how many pearls it will take? Who knows how common they'll be? Who knows how common the hilts to trade with the vendor will be? Will there be diminishing returns? No answers yet that I've found. IGN's article here

Okay everyone, I'm sorry to cut this so short but I really have to go. I have to load my truck with the meat that I'm BBQ'ing for ~100 people and some stuff I didn't take yesterday when I was getting the grounds set up for the whole reception. It's going to be a hell of a party and if I forget something then I'll be pretty damn irritated. Enjoy your weekend wherever you are.

What are we all playing?

Greywolfe: i finished off ultima 3, so i'm moving to a [new] old game. and that game is below the root. i've doodled around with the different versions of it i've been able to find, but the dos version - ugly as it is [and it's ugly as sin, believe you me] is the simplest to actually just PLAY. [no disk swapping or anything], so that's the one i'm going with.

AJ: I recently picked up a pretty pristine complete boxed copy of Golden Axe II, as well as a pretty nice-looking Theme Park cartridge, both for the Sega Genesis, so I'll probably be playing those this weekend.

Yoda: Prolly gnna be another Dota and wow weekend for me if I do get some game time in. But I've been really digging a horror book I picked up for the spooky season and will prolly crank that out. Meaning I'll have an excuse to head into the city and look at picking up more books that I don't need to buy. But that's kinda what happens when every Friday is payday

Scrooloose: I won't be able to game until Sunday afternoon some time, but I'll be hitting up more Destiny 2 and I'm excited to check out Scorn.