WRUP Owls Know My Name

Hoot Hoot! Where my Owls at? Do they know what you're playing this weekend? Is it Red Dead Redemption 2 like the rest of the world? You sheeple, you're no Owls! You're a bunch of Sheep in Cowboy's clothing that's what you are. Us Owl folk know this.

What the fuck is Cody talking about? What's with the Owls? Tru Knows, but where's the Dr? Owls Know. Is this some weird fever dream? Or is Cody going to make us listen to Weird Music again?

Find out the answers to all these questions below, as well as what people are up too this weekend.

(Yeah of course there's a wierd song, hoot hoot.)

What Is Everyone Playing?

Dr. S: I have become the night. Stop breathing so Heavy it makes me nervous while I'm sneaking up behind you...

AJ: It’s less than a week to go till Halloween witch means I’ll be playing some Castlevania games for sure, most likely the bootiful new PS4 port(s) of Symphony of the Night and Rondo of Blood. Probably also some Costume Quest, plus more RE Zero and Arkham Knight. Oh yeah! And I’ll probably lose my head if I don’t find a way to squeeze in some Red Dead Redemption II, not because it somehow fits the theme but simply because I’ve been waiting what feels like an eternity for it to come out. It’s going to be a monster weekend.

Greywolfe: shadowhand is complete. and i'm so grateful for that. lol. i liked the premise. i liked the tone and setting. i liked the way it doled out "rpg bits" but the whole thing just wasn't the most fun i've had. when it's supposed to feel like a game, it feels too much like a solitaire board that doesn't want you to win. and when it's supposed to feel like a solitaire game, it has all these bells and whistles that let you do minor cheats. it just never goes far enough in either direction to satisfy. [and it actively hates you and doesn't want you to win.] - book of unwritten tales is winding down, too. one more play session and it'll be done. so, new things this week: letter quest: grimm's journey. i'm about half way through already [as far as i can see.] it's pleasant, but best in small doses. and i might supplant book of unwritten tales with ghost of a tale like i've been suggesting for a while now. we'll see

Scroo: Testing my new PC out and getting all my crap back in order after the new Windows install. Hopefully I'll be up and gaming again very soon.

Tru: Well Red Dead Redemption 2 just came out and with the new DLC for Spider-Man I don't think I'll be playing anything else for awhile.

Yoda0VGs: Weekend working Crunch is what I'll be playing to try and finish projects of the month, after that I'll be super Jello of Scroo's new PC and just play some more Total Warhammer and maybe check out Thronebreaker if I get everything else done.

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