WRUP In #4if

Good day to you sirs and madammes. February is a time where four games shall fall to the weary eyes of the dogged player. I speak of the #4 in February. It looks like most of us at Twinstiq will be participating in this most honored of traditions. We have trained hard for this day and wear the war paint of the 4. The rules are simple and thus: Finish 4 games in the backlog in the month of February. A daunting task if there ever was one, and to the winners go no spoils. Only pride and public admiration for the accomplishment.

Alright so it's actually not too difficult to make 4if happen. Lots of folks have four games in their backlog that they haven't quite completed, or have been saving for a rainy day. This is a great time to jump into those games and finish them. That doesn't necessarily mean start them from the beginning and run them all the way through to the end. It means -finish them-. So if you've got a title itching for completion #4if is a good place to work that out.

So there are definitely games this weekend right?

AJ: Family obligations this weekend. Don’t know if I’ll have much time for gaming. I may try to sneak in a little time on the ol’ 3DS if the opportunity arises. Perhaps some Metroid: Samus Returns or Mario Kart 7.

Yoda: Gnna start on my 4iF this weekend and hopefully will be able to knock out at least on of them. I've been really enjoying DragonBall Fighter Z so I think I'll finally start the story mode :P

Greywolfe: #4if is upon us! i'm going to be starting my first game [which is a game i sort of had to abandon in december]. that game is conquests of the longbow. i'm also - slowly - winding my way through rogue legacy, so a ton of that. my plan is - since i'm playing all adventure games, when i do something "good" in rogue legacy, i'm going to be giving myself points that i can spend to look up solutions in the adventure games i'll be playing [because i'm playing all adventure games, this year.]

Dr. S: 4if it is. First up is Yakuza Kiwami 2, which i'm about halfway through. Also need to finish the DLC in Spider-Man. Does the Anthem Demo today count? Well, this is the WRUP so it does for that at least.

Scroo: I'm also doing 4if. Gonna finish my second play through in Resident Evil 2 remake, probably a title from the Mega Man Legacy collection, not sure which one yet, and I have to come up with two more games still. I guess I should do that.

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