Hey wait a minute, this isn't the Warframe trade chat!

Dr S must have tricked me into doing the WRUP again!

Well then you get weird music!



And we all get to learn what other games the crew of Twinstiq seem to think are so great that they are playing those instead of Warframe...

What are these Games?

ScrooLikely for me it'll be more F1 2019 this weekend. I am excited for next Tuesday though because Rebel Galaxy: Outlaw is releasing and I plan on getting my spaceship on.

AJCorpse Killer and Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 3 (and Red Dead Redemption 2)

Yoda: Finally caught up with the main story to where it's at in 2019. Eagerly anticipation the next main quest to drop sometime this year. Still have a lot of other quests I haven't even started yet, and still so many actual Warframes to collect. This game is endless, and endlessly fun.

Greywolfethere are people here!  so, maybe some gaming?  i don't know.  did a session of titan quest tonight, and going to be doing more tomorrow.  i also - finally - dipped my toes back in to assassin's creed:  origins.  i want to stick with it to the point where i'm willing to pick up the story again, but it has that problem all modern sandboxes have.  it's so empty it makes me want to cry.  "tower this!"  and "kill that bandit camp!"  it's so samey and generic.  it's atmosphere is still great, though.  apart from that?  i've been itching for a turn based strategy game.  tried a little of mutant:  year zero, but i dunno.  i also tried modern xcom.  it's even less fun that it was 20 years ago.  [i liked it a lot twenty years ago.]  the "easy" difficulty has at least one story mission where it's attempting to be soul crushing for the sole reason of teaching you, "hey, this game can be soul crushing" and that's not much fun at all.

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