I finally got back into making games yesterday, or at least learning how to do it. Current project is a small satirical platformer. More info on that once (or if) I actually have something to show that isn’t just a bunch of placeholder graphics. But yeah, enjoyed playing around with it so far. Making games can be fun. Try it!

Anyway, what is everyone playing over the weekend?


Thomas: Got myself a SNES mini which I will take to my gf this weekend so we can play some retro stuff on it.

AJ: More Steep. Really enjoying the Winter Games so far. Also, possibly some Mortal Kombat X.

Scroo: I'm also enjoying both Steep, (thank you Yoda) and the Winter games. When the Olympics are on, it's all that I've got on the TV. Also some more Grim Dawn. Fat Shark has sent me a beta key for Vermintide 2! With the release date on March 8th, I'm really excited to jump into that.

Grey: haha.  what are regular games, even?  i've fallen into a black hole of daily questing.  plus, eternal had an event where the game gave you a random deck and you piloted it against other people and, well, i got sucked into that.  so:  magic duels [which is still clunky and terrible], eternal, faeria and that's about it.  what was that about four in february?!  i can't hear you!

Cody: Just picked up the new Styx game! Looking forward to checking that out

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    Tim Chesson says:

    My Four in February is in serious jeopardy. After completing Firewatch in 3 nights, I started SOMA. I think I’m roughly halfway through, but I’ve become distracted by RE7 in VR, my first run in Demon’s Souls, and my second run in Dark Souls 3. I’m pretty sure I’ll push through and get SOMA done, but I might have to find a couple more super short games to round out my four.

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