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Soooooooooooo Late on the WRUP. Our bad, we bad at this gaming website thing. Also life is busy all the time. Anyway here's music and what we're playing tonight and Tomorrow :P


Greywolfe: rogue legacy! i'm finally in new game+, which is a little tougher than the regular game. at the moment, because i discovered that the few armor blueprints i was missing in the regular game will actually drop in new game+, i'm basically farming those. i'll probably have them done by the end of the weekend. then, i'm going to tackle those bosses, and do the "hard mode" versions of them [if i can manage those. i'm vastly overleveled, and that's how i like playing rpg's, and the hard mode bosses take away your character [a thing i hate] and give you a stock character that the game wants you to beat them with. [a thing i also hate. this is why i never bothered finishing heroes of might and magic v. and that game was probably basically perfect for me, because i LOVED the 1990 king's bounty.]] - i'm knee deep into beneath a steel sky and enjoying that a great deal. going slowly and reading all the text and interacting with everything i can find. finally, i've hit a snag with etherlords 2. after thirty hours, the campaign i'm in has decided that it's time to kick my butt with mission timers and outright campaign lies [hey! go save this guy! but also! it's important to the story that you can't and he dies! whoops!] so, much as i love the setup for that game, it's being a real frustrating time. apart from that? just hanging out. it's the weekend! :)

AJ: After enjoying my Analogue Super Nt so much, I decided to spring for the Mega Sg (their new HD Sega Genesis console) and I couldn’t be happier with it. I never thought I’d see the day when I could play all my old Genesis, Sega Master System, and Sega CD games in picture-perfect HD. The only thing missing is 32X compatibility but hopefully that will be coming with a future adaptor and/or firmware update (and even if not, the Mega Sg is still worth every penny). I’ll be playing plenty of that this weekend, specifically one of my old favorite SMS games, Choplifter, as well as some more Skyrim and Breath of the Wild.

Tru: I've been a teacher.

Scroo: Well, I picked up the Forgotten Gods expansion for Grim Dawn, so I'd like to check that out some. I'm hearing good things. Also more Division 2. The end game is surprisingly fun... I still don't know if I like the game in general, but some aspects are really solid and it keeps me coming back. Maybe I need to write about that...

Dr. S: I've been strange. Thumb.

Yoda: Summer = DOTA

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