Wrup are video games again?

I had another awful week, so I have zero knowledge of what happened in gaming. How about you guys tell me in the comments instead?

Seriously, all I gathered was Drake streaming something on Twitch. Good for him, I guess. And Twitch. And whatever game he played.

Anyway, what is everyone playing during the weekend?

Thomas: Made some music, maybe play some Switch. No idea. Kinda not into gaming right now.

Grey: finished off castle of illusion this week and am trying out ducktales remastered.  i like castle of illusion better, so far, i think.  also!  more daily questing in games that i really shouldn't be daily questing in.  but...eternal has a sealed deck event tonight and i want to enter that, so eh.  got to earn the coin to try it out.  ;)

AJ: More Fallout 4. Also, Kirby: Star Allies

Scroo: Vermintide 2 because it's awesome, I plan on actually writing about this soon. Grim Dawn is likely as well and I still want to drop into the newest DLC for MudRunner. It's going to be a busy weekend though so I'll have to see what actually takes place.

Tru: Persona 5, Assassin's Creed Origins and Rise of the Tomb Raider.

Cody: I'm gonna beat Witcher on Death Match one of these days lol

Once it happens definitely wanna try out the New Styx and Assassins Creed

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    Tim Chesson says:

    About the only things I’ve been playing lately have been PUBG on the Xbox with friends and co-oping with newbies in Bloodborne. Friday night was a great Battlegrounds session that resulted in one chicken dinner in duos and several top 10 finishes.

    And I spent some of Saturday afternoon helping people out with Rom and getting my Kos parasite up to +10. As I sit here in front of my PC with all the games I have installed, I still find myself being drawn back to the PS4 for more Bloodborne.

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