What the Actual WRUP!?!

Hello again friends. It's me, AJ. You haven't heard from me since way back in mid-February, when this crazy coronavirus pandemic was only just getting started. You might have thought it would have largely subsided by mid-July; and it actually has, in many parts of the world. But here in the States, where I am, Covid-19 is currently raging out of control like a California wildfire.
So what do those other countries have that we don't?  The one thing that truly matters during any large-scale crisis - - competent leadership. First the orange imbecile refused to defer to the actual experts on the matter, then he openly opposed the most basic of safety measures, such as simply wearing a mask out in public, and now he is even going so far as to try and control the flow of information about how many cases there are. At this rate things will only get far worse before they begin to get any better. This is why voting matters, people. Please, please remember to always exercise your right.
But enough about that. Let's remember why we come here - - to talk about games. Specifically, what we are all playing this weekend...

AJ: The only game that matters right now, Ghost of Tsushima!!
Scroo: I'm working this weekend but when I'm back home I'll be hitting up the new Kola Peninsula map for SnowRunner. I've also started Metro Exodus and I'm still getting that dwarf on mine action in Deep Rock Galactic.
Tru: Ghost of Tsushima came out and I'm loving every second of it. Also picked up the new Paper Mario so I may give that a try. But for now my samurai/ninja fix is being filled.
Yoda: My weekend will consist of a game that rhymes with Breath Branding. It's DEATH STRANDING. (Not sure why the official title is All CAPS) So good.

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