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What's up everyone? It's me, Scrooloose, and it's time for another WRUP. I don't have a ton to mention this week aside from a couple of topics you've probably already heard about. Let's take a look below.

If you've been using the EPIC Game Store [EGS] launcher lately you may have noticed some games are acting weird and some may be down right broken for your play right now. There was a recent patch, maybe a few days old, that released for EGS that seems to have something to do with the EGS overlay and is causing a pretty annoying in game issue for potentially tons of titles. I happened to notice this two nights ago when I was tried to play MechWarrior 5 for a mission or two. The deal there is that the in game mouse cursor is always on screen and that's obnoxious on it's own but usually easy to fix via tabbing out or changing from full screen to windowed and back again etc. Except this wasn't the only problem, not only was the cursor on screen but if I pressed a mouse button I lost control of the game. I'd have to press escape and come back to regain control but as soon as I hit another button I'd lose it again. This is a persistent issue that lasts through game restarts, driver restarts and PC restarts and shutdowns. Potential workarounds include launching games in offline mode or not using the EGS launcher to start games, instead using the .exe in the game directory proper. You could also try opening and closing your GPU/Discord/EGS overlays to see if you can regain full control, it seems to work for some folks. These temporary solutions did not help me at all but if you're having the problem yourself with any other title give them a shot, maybe something will work for you. Unfortunately this is a problem we'll just have to wait for EPIC to find and patch out. Until then I guess I just won't play MechWarrior 5.

No Man's Sky is releasing yet another free expansion to further increase it's already massive content size. The space sim has come a long way from it's less than stellar release state and "Frontiers" will be the 17th addition to the catalogue. Sadly there's basically no information on what the expansion will add nor a release date to look forward to. So I guess if you're still playing NMS this is a bit of a chin scratcher, but I'm sure the information will come along as the release gets closer. Until then, you can continue to enjoy the already released 16 previous expacs. Pretty cool.

What's the plan this weekend?

Yoda: Well I finally did it. I saved up 13 Billion Silver to buy my first big ticket item. A TET Blackstar Weapon. And man that felt fucking great to get. (For context that would be roughly $1500 if one tried to go the pay to win route)So now I'm on a mission to get my mystic to level 62 and get her out of the seasonal status and start smashing the Shit out of some Elves and make them bleed silver so I can start saving up for another :P

Greywolfe: biomutant is 100% complete!  in the meantime [while i ground out combat achievements in that game], i've moved on to final fantasy 1's pixel remaster.  so far [8 hours in] i'm finding it to be very simple and pleasant fun.  [but i've beaten the ps1 re-release of this one, so i'm not really surprised.] - if i have ONE criticism, then i wish it's that they dialed back the encounter rate and raised the xp rate.  ff1 - even as a nes game - was truly a game of attrition and that comes through loud and clear in this release, also.  the other game i'm playing - and possibly winding down - is arthur:  the quest for excalibur.  it's certainly not infocom's best game, but if they'd been able to keep making games, then they would have used this design strand/methodology as their near-term future.  [it has a hint system, built-in maps and lots of little surprising conveniences that were missing from their other games.]

AJ: Just picked up R-Type Final 2 for the Switch, so that and possibly also some Red Dead Redemption II.

Scroo: Well Snowrunner has sucked me back in with it's seemingly endless content and challenges. I'm also considering picking up Jupiter Hell or Warhammer 40k Battlesector. We shall see...

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