Well, Would You Look At [WRUP]

Hey everyone, it's the weekend once again and welcome to another WRUP on this early Saturday morning. Let's go right to it, shall we?

Well you may remember last week around the internet there was talk of AMD 6000 GPU's going into shops with broken dies. Some cards went to a specific repair shop with shorted parts and literal GPU die cracks and breakage. A YouTuber called KrisFix had done a video about the issue and soon rumors were being tossed around that AMD drivers were to blame, namely version 22.11.2 that was released November 30th. People were saying that somehow AMD's drivers were bypassing hardware safeties and turning off software safeties, or that somehow extreme overclocking mode was being enabled through no fault of the user etc etc. A YouTube I regularly watch, JayzTwoCents did a video about how this would be super weird if it was happening and in fact basically impossible if it was coming from AMD proper, but hey if it makes people feel better then go ahead and roll back a version. Why take risk when the possible solution is so simple? Makes sense.

Since then AMD has responded saying that after they looked into things they can rule out a driver issue. Which I believe because I run that driver version on my 6800 and I've never seen anything weird while playing games or idling. After watching the video I even put the monitor up to potentially see what was going on for a few days. Nothing. So I decided not to roll back my own drivers. Jay from JayzTwoCents even made the observation that this is a really small sample of broken GPU's in a pretty localized area, and that's a pretty big coincidence for it to be a driver problem. You'd think you'd be seeing hundreds and hundreds of these all over the world, right? Well as it turns out the broken GPU's were sold used and came from a crypto farm. Ugh. They were cleaned really well, but it looks like they were improperly stored and never dried out all the way so there was moisture retained in sensitive areas causing shorting and burnt dies. Sadly this probably also means that AMD is unlikely to RMA the cards as they were purchased used, but it's not impossible since they're within the two year warranty period still. Here's JayzTwoCents talking about the response from AMD and overall conclusions. GamersNexus as well with another viewpoint, if you wish to see that.

Plans this weekend?

Yoda: Stuck in Texas again for the weekend for work training. So not a lot of gaming for me. Just the smell of BO and BBQ everywhere I go...

AJ: Recently acquired a physical copy of Tetris Effect - Connected for the Nintendo Switch so I'll probably play that a bit. I also got Chained Echoes along with a few more Capcom Arcade Stadium classics so, I'll likely be playing those as well.

Tru: Going to continue my first journey though The Last of Us Part II. Not as bad as all the pre-release hype. I'm not enjoying it as much as the first game (Which I've played through four times), but it's not bad.

Greywolfe: i started up banners of ruin. it's very slay the spire with talking animals. it is also RIOTOUSLY overtuned. things cost too much. the fights in the opening area against elites are ridiculous. i'm surprised it has never had a balance pass in all the time it was out, but here we are

Scrooloose: I'm doing a design for a patio for my new outdoor kitchen and hopefully I'll be able to pick up materials soon. I'll be jumping into Destiny 2 again after not playing since last week and probably more SnowRunner - The new seson is going to be based in fire fighting so I'm kind of interested in that.