This WRUP’s For You

Well, Halloween is nearly here and it's time for another WRUP. Whether you're taking the family out for some candy collection or hopping over to a friend's place for a costume party, we hope you all have a fun and safe weekend at whatever event you may attend.

Now, let's get to it...

Newegg accidentally shipped Intel Alder Lake CPU's to some folks and is now asking them to keep it under wraps. It seems like a major problem but luckily for Newegg there's not a lot of info to be gleaned from anyone who may have received one of the unreleased chips. No motherboards are out in the wild (that we know of) that support the CPU yet and as this article from Videocardz explains, the design and packaging have already been shown. November 4th is the embargo lift so keep an eye out for reviews then. Somewhat oddly though, Intel has decided to lift the embargo on the same day as the product goes on sale. So I guess anyone looking for a CPU will either have to risk losing a chance at getting one right away while they wait for reviews, or chance a purchase to beat the bots and scalpers with little information go on.

Activision Blizzard, as is well known by now, has been under quite a heavy weight lately with it's many legal allegations and ultimate order to pay a fine of $18 million. CEO, Bobby Kotick has taken a pay cut and the company as a whole is looking to make some serious changes in the name of a more equal and much friendlier workplace. The changes themselves look to be good if they're actually ever made, and Kotick's pay cut is substantial, though he'll still be seeing some $875,000. He has however asked not to receive any bonuses and even further cut his pay to the lowest he can get for his position under CA law, $62,500. Maybe this is mostly ceremonial, but it does seem like a step in right direction. More here from Kotaku

I think that might actually be it this weekend. I'm sure there's a lot more out there that I'm missing so keep your eyes open. Have a great weekend everyone.

What are we playing?

Greywolfe: - vampyr is done.  then, onto final fantasy 2.  but that's on monday.  over the weekend, i'm going to be toying [a very little] with the cd-rom version of space quest 4 [but not /too/ much since i just played the entire floppy disk version of that game], and after that, i'm putting in the lurking horror - an old infocom text adventure.  hopefully it's not too scary.  my dark souls continues.  just real slowly.  i'm in the painted world of ariamis and i've discovered a GREAT soul farm.  so i might stick it out there for a little to cap some of my stats.  [because i'm very close to doing that.] (edited) 

Yoda: One last weekend of my BDO free month. There's a new DOTA hero out and she's Hella fun. So more of that, and probably some digital board gaming. Then a month of BDO awaits!

AJ: More old school games for me. I hit up that retro video game store "near" me again and walked out with a very pristine copy of WWF WrestleMania: The Arcade Game for the Saturn and Clutch Hitter, one of my favorite baseball games from my youth. I will be playing those in between cheering on my Atlanta Braves to their first World Series championship in 26 years (hopefully)!

Scrooloose: Probably finishing up Rift Breaker soon. I've been "ready" for the final battle for several days but I would like to finish the lab research and make sure all my towers are upgraded before I start the event. Once that's done I'll probably go back to SnowRunner. In muti-player land I've been getting back int Deep Rock Galactic, which is soon to see a free Battlepass that includes a bunch of new stuff including new enemies. So that will probably be fun.

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