This is a WRUP Right Here

Hey everyone. Time for another WRUP.

It looks like talks between Microsoft and Discord have been halted and the tech behemoth won't be acquiring everyone's most beloved third party chat app. This is probably great news given the track record Microsoft has for programs like Teams and Skype etc. It's also great news because Discord is run by a super small team of very high end people and they've built a fantastic, secure program that spans tons of applications and it's free. Those people would likely have to see some major changes to their lives. Sure, you can pay for services with Nitro but you don't ever have to. Thanks Discord, for choosing to stay independent.

In some other surprisingly good news, Sony has decided to leave the PS3 and PS Vita stores online, for now. It seems that some times having hundreds of thousands people collectively yelling at you for the same reason can have an effect on decision making. Who knows how long this will last though, so go and get what you want before Sony changes it's mind again.

There's a new retro console coming toward the end of the year and it looks kind of cool. The Evercade VS, is a little Famicom-esque looking cartridge console that will connect to your TV with an HDMI port. And rather than parrot the info I saw about this, I'll toss a link in here to The Verge and you can see for yourself.


What are we playing?

AJ: Tales of Vesperia and more Skyrim (and possibly Zelda).

Yoda: Well I got my Archer pretty close to level 60. So I bought him a cool hat with IRL money. (What kind of Drow archer doesn't wear a black hood anyway?) Game was falling to a 9/10 for me but now it's 10/10 ty p2w hats.Weekend will prolly be switching off between him and my Tamer who gets her own special Wolf companion and when she double jumps the wolf appears under her to boost her for the second jump. It may be the most adorable goddamn thing on planet earth and no amount of baby panda pictures will convince me otherwise. Don't play BDO. I don't know what I am anymore. But play it, and join me as we stare into the sun until our eyes burn out. Some will call us dumb, and to do so was dangerous and harmful. But where others see pain, we will see only beauty. Join me.

Greywolfe: magic, but also ittle dew, because i've been streaming that. we're basically done with it, though - tonight's probably the very last stream of ittle dew itself [where we do the puzzle dungeon and the awful boss behind it.] - got to think of a game to play after that, but i have no idea, really. :)

Scrooloose: I think just more Outriders for me. Probably work otherwise as my poison oak is finally healed up. And maybe if I can fit it in I'll go for a bike ride.


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