The People’s WRUP

Good morning everyone on a pretty chilly Saturday at around 17 degrees F here. Here's hoping you're all doing well. I had some rather unpleasant goings on in my personal life this past week so I haven't got a lot of news to look at. So such as it is, let's go right to it.

The last version of Windows we ever needed is reaching end of life and on January 31st Microsoft will stop selling keys for Windows 10. It was supposed to be a unifier that brought all Windows users to a more singular experience and provide more comprehensive security updates because everyone would be on the same OS. I personally had a really hard time with moving on from Windows 7 and complained a lot about the Windows 10 rollout back in 2015. But I eventually built a new computer and I got my copy of Windows 10 and found it to be surprisingly user friendly. That said, Windows 11 is what we're going to have to make our way to and there are system requirements that will force users like myself to basically build a new system again in order to make the leap.

Now there's no huge hurry for us all to run out and convert to Windows 11 as manufacturers and various store fronts will likely retain a stock of keys longer than Microsoft will be selling them. Also important to note is that as of now security updates will continue for Windows 10 until 2025. We'll all have to make the move at some point and honestly I haven't heard anything bad about Windows 11 yet, so maybe it'll be fine. For those of us who will have to build new systems in order to accommodate the new OS, that's likely not a terribly huge deal either as we can reuse a lot of key hardware in order to make it happen. For instance, I would have to get a new motherboard and CPU and RAM, that's all. I can use my drives, my power supply, case, cooler, GPU etc etc. Still though it's not ideal so here we sit frustrated with being pushed into obsolescence once again. If you'd like a more detailed look at the subject, TechRadar has your back.

Gaming this weekend?

Greywolfe: well, someone pointed me toward heroine's quest.  so that over the weekend and a little more king's quest 1 - this time, the remake that sierra did in 1990.  i haven't ever played that to completion before.  [it's essentially the same game with mildly nicer ega graphics, actual sound and some very mild room reshuffling and puzzle rejiggering.  it's no longer /quite/ so open world in the sense that you MUST do sections before other sections, which is annoying, but eh.]

AJ: Just got Norco and Pentiment so I'll probably check those out a bit. I've also been revisiting some old classics in Capcom Arcade Stadium.

Scroo: I'm going to be doing some job consults, but aside from that I'll probably on Destiny 2 as usual and back in SnowRunner