That’s So WRUP

Good morning everyone. It's time for WRUP again and I'll be your handsome and funny host, Scrooloose.

It feels good to have a chill few days. This last couple weeks has been nothing but busy and once that was over I had to hurry up and cut and split wood to be ready for the coming cold and winter storms. But today I think I'm going to play some games and probably hit up the brew pub for a smash burger and garlic fries with my blood orange sour and or porter. For now though, let's take a look at the WRUP.

Notebookcheck has the word on Sony's Dualsense Edge controller for your PlayStation needs, and boy is it expensive. Now, it does come with a case and a bunch of button caps etc but I'm not so sure that makes it a $200 peripheral for your console. I guess if you're really into the controller scene though, you might be down to shell out those clams. By comparison the XBox Elite controller is $130. Though that was originally like $180 if I remember right. Seems like I did one of my first ever articles here about how ridiculous that was then.

Nvidia is "unlaunching" the 4080 12GB video card saying that it's confusing to have two 4080's. To say nothing of the expected performance difference that would come from a cut down die and less VRAM than the 4080 16GB card. Speculation would suggest that when the 12GB card does launch that it be rebranded at the 4070 level. No surprise there if that happens. It does make us wonder why it didn't just start there. Arstechnica has more on the subject and I'm sure you can find a ton of YouTube videos by hardware reviewers talking about it at length as well. The 16GB 4080 will still launch in November. Here's hoping some 30 series prices will continue to fall.

Silent Hill is making quite a comeback it would seem. Konami has rebuilt the classic in Unreal Engine 5 and uses a ton of new tech for lighting and just appears to bring the graphical level up to 11. Here's a post on Sony's blog about it in detail via Konami's own Motoi Okamoto. And keeping with the theme there's a brand new Silent Hill on the way as well, Silent Hill f has no release date yet, but it does have a super creepy and disturbing teaser out there.

Okay, what the hell is going on here?

Greywolfe: well, i'm embroiled in another old game - this time, i'm playing below the root, which started off life as a commodore64 game [i believe], it has a pc version, which is what i'm tackling. so far, it seems pretty low key. it also has a surprising number of little details that i like [eg: in order to talk to people, you can't be standing too far away from them and they have to be facing you while you have to be facing them. it's pretty cool.]

AJ: I recently picked up physical copies of Taiko no Tatsujin: Rhythm Festival for the Switch and Stray for the PS5, so I'll likely be playing those a bit.

Scroo: I've been enjoying going back and forth between Scorn and Destiny 2 for the pretty fun Halloween event.