Sunday WRUP

Because life is strange.

Anyway, what is/has everyone (been) playing over the weekend?

Thomas: Played some Fable Fortune (the CCG). Shame the playerbase is almost gone at this point. Really solid CCG otherwise.

Scroo: Hopefully more Vermintide and God of War. I'm also planning on picking up Battletech cos I'm a sucker for XCom style mech combat. And it'll be late by the time this gets posted but, Friday I'm doing some chalk art for the local Butterfly Festival.

Cody: Still going through Blood and Wine. Hoping to start Styx this weekend if I got some free time

Tru: Well playing more God if War (hoping for a new game plus soon) but I just picked up the expansion for Horizon Zero Dawn so I'm going to start a new game plus of that then move onto the expansion

AJ: Star Wars: Episode I Racer and more ACA Neo-Geo stuff.

Greywolfe: daily quest things. but also OH MY GOD A REAL GAME. yeah. i've beat it before. but eh. i don't care. i'm replaying banjo kazooie.


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    brokedownsystem says:

    Yakuza 6 thoughts (I ended up playing this somehow bc…it seemed more relaxing than God of War(?))

    I’ve bought every game that’s available for the U.S. market, but time and time again, it failed to hook my interest…

    …that is, until this past weekend. A weekend intended to be dedicated to planning an itinerary for a trip coming up next week. A weekend for catching up on some work.

    Anyhow, that all went out the window the moment I got hooked on Yakuza 6’s storyline and gameplay. Finally, I think I understand why it’s popular, at least in Japan.

    so far, the mini games have been dull, the main story, ok. I’m kinda of guessing to see what I think is going to eventually happen, so there’s that. the dialogue presentation can be downright horrible, on par with Oblivion’s Uncanny Valley. There are never enough taxi’s around town (though the same could be said of GTA)

    What’s truly fun is all the completely random shit that happens in the side missions. There’s waaaay more of them than I’ve ever seen in any GTA game and they’re pretty wacky. I am entertained.

    I think there are other mini-games I haven’t really discovered too, so I’m probably too quick to be dismissive.

    Anyhow, I’m pretty excited, since there’s more of this after 6 is done, and I have this vague feeling that some of the earlier entries might actually be even better than 6.

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