Summertime WRUP

It's been hot around here. Triple digit temperatures have hung around a lot CA for the past week, in fact. Luckily starting now things will begin to return to what's more normal for this time of year and we'll see the 80's again in a couple of days. I used to work a lot in the heat, digging trenches, building water systems, planting plants etc. and I got pretty used to it, but I don't -have- to do that any longer so instead I mostly stayed in and played games. But we're not here to talk about the weather and the fact that I don't get to see my lady this coming week like we had planned, no, we're here to talk about games and stuff.

Just a few days ago now one of the most anticipated games (for me anyway) of the summer was released, Necromunda HIred Gun. A game set in the Warhammer 40k universe but much more condensed into the enormous hive of Necromunda. Hives are giant cities that take up more or less entire continental land masses and produce materials useful for the empire of man. Necromunda happens to be one of the biggest of these hives. In Hired Gun you're put into the role of a kind of bounty hunter/mercenary with a big pet Mastiff and you engage in a lot of what equates to hyper-violent corporate espionage. So far Necromunda Hired Gun has received some pretty mixed reviews. Apparently the biggest issue is that it doesn't run very well and that's hurting the overall experience. I have yet to play it, but I will definitely be getting a copy soon.

Outriders, the constantly plagued by seemingly every issue a game can be plagued with, looter shooter has picked up another general patch and the developers are saying the game will get patches more often from here on out. I haven't played in a while because even though Outriders has a pretty fun game play loop, at end game it's also based on a timer and there are just some mechanics that straight up make it unfun after a few rounds. I'll probably pick it up again but for now I'll let the patches keep fixing the problems.

Is anyone out there playing Biomutant? Seems like it's got some pretty great world building but also some issues of it's own to contend with. The general consensus is that it's overall a good experience even if it's open world design is more or less the Ubisoft model of bandit camps and radio tower climbing. Our own Greywolfe is enjoying his time with it so far -"So, for me, biomutant is turning out - at a base level - to be more like a 6 or 7 out of ten game, but when you add in that sense of place, it's closer to a 8 or 9. it's not perfect and is probably closer to 8 than 9, but I'm happy as a clam, reviews be damned."

So what are we playing?

AJ: Vigilante and Virtua Fighter 5.

Yoda: What am I playing? It rhymes with Smack Hurt Fun Time. You figure it out!

Greywolfe: well, i was on the world's worst wifi for a while, so it looked like nothing, but i've sorted that out now. so biomutant. :) - and magic: arena. because i'm a glutton for obvious and frustrating punishment.

Scroo: Jedi Fallen Order is what I'm going with this weekend

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