Statistical wrupup

So apparently Sea of Thieves is Microsofts most successful new IP this generation. Great job Microsoft, buuuut....

A: Thanks to Play Anywhere, you probably have some PC players mixed in those numbers
B: and although you had Play Anywhere previously, no new IP supported it at launch until SoT
C: which also leads me to remind everyone, that there weren't a lot of new Microsoft IP releases on Xbox for a while, or this generation in general. There was Quantum Break, ReCore and Sunset Overdrive. That's pretty much it.

But hey, what's everyone playing over the weekend?

Thomas: Switch stuff. Maybe after all these years, I'll finally manage to complete the main quest of Skyrim.

Grey: more daily questing, hooray! i knocked out one of the achievements that i was looking for in ductales, but i hate myself for even trying the other one. scrooge's pogo jump is the worst. i'm also playing an event in eternal and enjoying the idea of that. [even if i completely hate the format.] - so: arena, magic duels and eternal for me. lol. i really want to just get this daily thing out of my system so i can go back to playing proper games. :(

Scroo: Well I'm out of town this weekend so likely no games for me. It's possible I'll get to see some Ni no Kuni 2, but ehhhh... it's gonna be a busy trip so I'm not holding my breath.

Cody: Still playing maybe a mission or two of Hearts of Stone when I stop playing Elite :p

AJ: A Boy and His Blob and Skyrim.

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    Tim Chesson says:

    I split my time between PUBG on the X1, a little Dark Souls 3, Dark Souls 2, and more HuniePop. Oh, and I also moved my PS3 out of the living room and connected it to my 2nd PC monitor. It was having a hard time competing with my PS4 and X1 for attention, but now it feels like I have Demon’s Souls on PC so that’s fun.

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