Squeaking By WRUP

Good morning everyone. CA is washing away. I have had two days of pretty torrential rain and somehow I still have about a foot of snow on the ground from the last storms. Tons of flooding all around me. Thankfully not here because I'm on a hill so I'm only seeing minor issues like overflow from the creek running across the driveway and overloaded drainage from the road. My dad finally had his heart surgery, which is awesome. What's not awesome is that he came home and promptly tested positive for COVID. So he and my mom both have it. Somehow I'm still negative. The VA sent him a dosage of Paxlovid overnight via UPS but with the storm they couldn't get here. Now it's Saturday and UPS doesn't run on Saturday or Sunday so unless they passed it off to the USPS we won't see it until Monday. Paxlovid is supposed to be taken within a few days of symptoms so I'm not even sure he'll get any benefit from it. He's not seeing very bad effects yet anyway, a light cough and that's about it. Mom, on the other hand, is hit pretty hard. She went from feeling fine to coughing, to bed ridden. Her Paxlovid did come in and we managed to get it from the pharmacy along with a rescue inhaler and some other stuff to keep her okay. Somehow I'm just riding out the storm and staying negative while testing. Everyone is masked up, I'm quarantining and we're just keeping things as sanitary as possible.

Once again I have very little information about WRUP related stuff as I'm still incredibly busy, just in a different context now. I did however see from Gamespot that Xbox isn't going to involve itself with E3 this year. So I'll just add a quick link here and apologize again for the lack of content lately. At some point things should normalize a bit and I can be back with something substantive.

For now everyone stay safe if you're in the flood zones. See you next week.

What's on the agenda?

AJ: Lords of Thunder and Pokemon Pinball: Ruby & Sapphire.

Greywolfe: about two thirds of the way through my 30 days in banners of ruin. having a blast playing a lone wolf [literally] as he builds up a card called oathkeeper to silly numbers so that i can one shot the parties that the game sends against me. this is - so far - my very favourite run of the game, and i'm /hoping/ i beat it, here. [but i doubt it, somehow ;)]

Scrooloose: I've been playing Sable and it's a delight. So I'll play more Sable while the rain washes the state of CA away.