So You Think You Can WRUP

Well you'll be shocked to know that it's raining here in CA yet again. Don't get me wrong it's not really a complaint, we definitely need all the water we can get. It's just that this much all at once anywhere can be pretty harmful. Seventeen people have lost their lives to these storms. Roads and highways are flooding as with entire neighborhoods. Here locally there has been a pretty major land slide where the burn scar is from the Oak Fire and a significant portion of the road is covered and or gone. But the good news is that the snow pack is a pretty staggering 226% above normal as of January 11th and that will help a lot during the spring thaw with water supply for the summer.

Anyway let's get down to the WRUP. It's the weekend after all.


There's now a microphone that covers your whole mouth. The Mutalk fits over your mouth and is meant to help keep your loud ass from bothering others while you yap with your peers simultaneously keeping ambient outside noise from being broadcast. It's supposed to be available this year at a wallet cringing $200, but don't worry at least it looks ridiculous. More here from PC Gamer

I meant to add this last weekend but I didn't. Good news, the internet is still around so I can add it now. GamersNexus does a compilation of the worst hardware every year aptly named the "disappointment build" and the 2022 cycle has quite a menagerie of parts to help you put face to palm. I'll just set that link here. These videos are always good, I recommend a watch.

News on the board game front is that Pathfinder developer, Paizo has announced a bid to not just keep their OGL (Open Game License) but in fact make some changes to keep it open for anyone who wants to participate. I will totally butcher the explanation here so I'll link an exceptionally nerdy video by a YouTuber called, Nonat1s, that goes through the facts so that we exceptional nerds may better understand the meaning.

What are we playing?

AJ: Just got Neon White and Andro Dunos 2 so I'll probably check those out a bit. I may also play some Elden Ring and Stray.

Tru: Going to play more The Last of Us pt II. Maybe some Stray. have a lot of teacher work to get done though.

Yoda: Three day weekend gnna take a trip up north so prolly not much gaming. Maybe squeeze in some wow or Hellsinger if I have time

Greywolfe: I'm doodling around with gamedec. the premise is really cool. the writing is pretty meh. i'm also slowly replaying king's quest 1 with an eye to getting to kq7 + 8. the two "dark horse" games in that franchise, because i've never actually beaten them.

Scroo: The usual for me, Darktide, Destiny 2 and SnowRunner.