What's up guys? It's me Scrooloose! Hey, so I was gone last week and nobody picked up the WRUP even though I left a clearly written message stating I would, in fact, be gone. We skipped one WRUP as a result. Get it? Hard to find good, free help these days I guess. I can't be mad at these guys though, I'm not even the boss around here. Anyway --- Was anyone at the Watsky show at the Warfield in San Fransisco last weekend? I was there and that show was great. I went with some friends and my Sister, who rented us a legit Mystery Machine to drive around in for four days. We got ripped off hard on parking in a sketch ass dirt lot by the Tenderloin, however we had little choice but to accept the extra cost even though it was seriously fist waving time. The dude didn't even keep a ticket corresponding to our vehicle for the sake of effs! We could have told him we owned any of those cars and drove away with it! But we did at least get to watch two full seasons of the original Scooby Doo show. And when the horn was honked it said "Scoooby Dooby Doooo!!" and everyone around us took pictures and cheered. It was a great trip and hopefully I won't be doing any more of that kind of stuff until May when I leave for Ireland, because that shit is exhausting.

Here are a couple of blurry low light photos from the show and a sweet album cover shot of the Mystery Machine.

Okay so what's everyone playing this time?

Greywolfe: it's friday again! that means it's wruptime. i'm playing rogue legacy, because that game will basically never end. i'm also going to get back into all those things i was talking about last week, because i didn't this week. my sleep schedule's a mess: starting up: beneath a steel sky. continuing: etherlords 2. and magic: arena's having a weekend where you can win some skins for your cards, so i'll be doing that. the cosmetic side of that game [like every part that involves money] is a massive, hilarious clusterfuck. oh well.

AJ: Got two more immensely entertaining SNES games to add to my collection (and to enjoy on my fantastic Super Nt)! This weekend, I will be playing tons of Super Metroid and Super Mario World. I’m also still having fun playing through Zelda: Breath of the Wild for the second time, and Devil May Cry 5 for the first.

Yoda: Been really enjoying Asaasins Creed still. Which still feels wierd as hell to say.I also want to finish that Titanfall 2 campaign. But it's multi-player is so distracting good lol

Scrooloose: Currently I've been torn between both hating everything about The Division 2 and also really liking the game play. Bad writing, boring story, no player dialogue choices, repetitive missions and sub-par voice acting along with terrible, drowned audio. However the game is weirdly compelling and I keep playing anyway... it's a head-scratcher. They definitely did the looter shooter part right, I can say that's a definite positive for it. It's like if Far Cry were some how satisfying and endlessly playable because you find new skins and loot drops all over the place. I don't understand what's keeping me in there. But I keep going back... What the world has come to...

Tru: .....

Dr S: .....

What am I a babysitter? I dunno what those guys are doing.

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