Shaking and Racing WRUP

What's up interwebs? It's me, Scrooloose, and it's time for WRUP again. New content coming soon, stick with us.

Hopefully you're all having a wonderful weekend so far. Out here it's been earthquakes in the news. It all started with 6.4 a couple of days back with tons of aftershocks and last night there was 7.1 in the same place. Lots of damage but so far as I've heard there are no reports of serious injuries or worse so that's good news anyway. Here's to things remaining relatively safe in regards to what's happened and folks getting the help they need in the situation. Red Cross has set up evacuation and relief centers very near by. Stay safe out there.

In more fun news, this weekend also consists of the Goodwood Festival of Speed. So fun to see the variety of classics and modern race cars, new and old prototypes, motorcycles, trucks, rally vehicles, even a completely autonomous race car. You name it, they're tearing up the mile long hill courses. And it's streaming on Youtube here all weekend long. I recommend checking it out even if you're not a fan of auto racing.

Not much news as far as I'm concerned in the name of games. EA does seem to have an issue with people thinking they're always the bad guy... Cry me a river. My heart bleeds. This violin sure is small. And so on. When you decide that loot boxes are not loot boxes, instead calling them, "surprise mechanics", and trying to convince a legal panel that people really love them, you're the bad guy. If people loved it, it probably wouldn't be such a big issue, would it?


What's everyone playing?

AJ: On a GOG kick right now. It started this past week when I played Last Day of June on the last day of June. (Because when else would you play it?) Then, transitioned to BioShock Infinite, in honor of American Independence Day. (Because what better way to celebrate than by playing a simulated slice of alternate-history Americana on a platform that offers the freedom to actually own your own games?)This weekend, I will be playing some Samurai Shodown V - Special (also on GOG), which I didn’t have to shell out for again because I already owned it (but happily would have, because it recently received a much-needed update that took it from a somewhat sorry port to an actually pretty fantastic one). Finally, I will also be playing the GOG release of Spec Ops: The Line, which just came out a couple of months ago. I guess you might say I’ve gone a little GOGa.

Greywolfe: skipped assassin's creed: origins for the week. maybe i needed a week off, i guess. order of the thorne was very short, had a definite king's quest feel to it and was not a bad game. if you're looking for a game that's in that ballpark, give it a spin. more etherlords 2 coming up soon! and i need to find another game to fill the order of the thorne void. maybe it's about time i looked into technobabylon, which i've been curious about for a while, now.

Yoda: International is coming up and it makes me want to play more Dota. Also I've been having fun nodding the crap out of GTA V that I picked up in the steam sale. Also Shadow of War is on Game Pass. We'll see what I actually have time to do :P

Scroo: I've finally picked up Darksiders 3 and I'm really enjoying it. It's definitely got it's problems but it's fun so far. I may pick up something else while the Steam Summer Sale is still on, but I'm not sure what yet.

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