Salt in the WRUP

Gotta say, it's looking too be a fairly demon heavy weekend. Or Demon-killing, rather.
Also send love to our resident old half-black and half-white wolf. He's got a real bad case of the very much not fun back issues :(

So don't forget to relax and enjoy the moments of quiet in your days off. And of course, kill more demons.


So What's Everyone Playing? ( Aside just DMC5 :P ) (Color me Jealous lol)

Greywolfe: well, it's a week later, my back is still sore and i'm waiting to hear from the doctor about x-rays that were done yesterday. hopefully, we'll see what's up with those. gaming wise? i finished off - after a year and a half of not touching it - saint's row iv. thought it'd help for the one activity that held the whole game up, but nope. it's just cosmetics at the end of the road. dunno what i'm going to do about that one activity. [it's the "hard" genki mind over murder mission.] - so. lots of rogue legacy. and daily questing in awful games. wish i could conquests of the longbow or other, more interesting games, but having my back be in as painful a spot as it is, i'm afraid i wouldn't concentrate on "real gaming" very well. :(

AJ: Devil May Cry 5! Also, more Breath of the Wild on Switch and more Super Mario on my Super Nt

Tru: I've been playing a lot of Assassin's Creed Odyssey. But also dipping my toes into Devil May Cry 5 and more Resident Evil 2 Remake.

Scroo: More Apex Legends as usual. I'll be jumping to Division 2 a bit and I'll be continuing my new game plus run in DMC 5. Hopefully working as well because holy butts I need to make some money.

Yoda: Titanfall 2! (Which may as well be Titanfall one considering how often you play on maps from the first game)Apex Legends! There are too many people playing this with no life and are way too good lolAssassin's Creed Oddessy! I. Need. More. Hats.

Also sneakily burning people to death with my Fire Stealth build is amazing

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