Rush Wrup

Gotta be fast, the day is clear and I have work to do.

Devil May Cry 5 is out and quite a bit of fun when you can actually play the game. There are so many cutscenes I'm surprised it's not just a movie. Still looking forward to progressing though because it looks and runs quite well and it's ridiculous over the top silliness is something I really dig. Except, whoever decided to combine mouse and keyboard movement with the controller is high on so many drugs! Shift + Left Stick + Spacebar to dodge? WHAT?!!1one!!


So What's Everyone Playing?

Greywolfe: well. my back and i had a falling out. i fell and it fell out. lol. [no, seriously. i slept oddly and my back did something strange.] - went to a chiropractor and he half-sorted it out. went to a doctor and he's decided it's a pulled muscle, so i'm living on a LOT of painkillers and anti-inflammatory drugs. hopefully, that all works. besides being in excruciating pain? well. being in pain made me stall right at the very end of conquests of the longbow and hopefully, i can get back to that. but it's also paused some other projects i wanted to start, namely - i wanted to pick up quest for glory 4, again and i wanted to pile into the last bit of etherlords 2 that i haven't touched, yet. but i also wanted to replay beneath a steel sky. so. hopefully, my back eases up and i can get into all of that. until then? just a bunch of rogue legacy.

AJ: Replaying Breath of the Wild on the Switch and contemplating shelling out for some more amiibos. Also playing Super Mario All-Stars and Star Fox on my sweet new Analogue Super Nt. Oh, and owing to the positive reception it’s getting and the fact that I just got paid, I will likely also be picking up Devil May Cry 5 at some point today. It’s gonna be a fun-filled weekend!

Dr S: I made the mistake of buying Football Manager 2019...

Scroo: Currently downloading Devil May Cry 5 (done now obviously), and I'm gonna see how that is (It's full of cutscenes). I've also picked MudRunner again and have been playing one of the huge player made snow maps. I also played through Titanfall 2 finally and that was fantastic. Probably the best single player shooter campaign I've played since Doom. I'm also still playing Apex Legends like crazy and still having lots of fun with that.

Yoda: Currently 3 balls deep into Assassin's Creed Oddessy. Easily my favorite game of the series so far. Always more Apex and I also picked up Titanfall 2 finally so I'll be checking that out as well

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