Quick WRUP Time

Hey everyone, This WRUP is going to need to be a quick one. I just have too much happening today to be able to get any real info in here.

Intel has another GPU "leak" out there and looks to maybe be coming by the end of the year? Who knows? Nobody? I figured as much. Supposedly this thing will compete with the current gen Nvidia and AMD releases. Here's a video from the good ol' LMG Tech Linked channel with some words on that and a few other things. I'm sorry this is a low effort post this weekend. I'm swamped.

What are we playing?

AJ: Stardew Valley and Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity.

Greywolfe: magic: arena. but i've also started streaming again, and i've been playing battle chasers: nightwar. which is quite 5/10, so far. it also has some very awful design decisions that i'm not really enjoying, so i dunno how long that'll last.

Yoda: Okay. So. I'm gnna start a farm. I'm gnna grow Peppers, so I can cook stir fri. But, I gotta find land with enough fertile ground in an area with good humidity and access to a nearby water source. Then I need to plot my farms fences, make sure they're organized efficiently for my fertilizer.Then once my peppers start growing, I'll need prune them or kill any gophers, and deal with just about any other problem you can think of a farm might get.But at that point I'll prolly just hire some Giants or Goblins to tend to my farm for me. And just feed them nothing but beer as their wages. And once I've got ton hundreds, nay, thousands of Hot Peppers. Ima take their seeds, and make more peppers from those peppers. Get my other ingredients and make all the stir fri. So much the game can't handle it anymore.And then, and then I'll be happy.

Dr S: i'm gonna start at intervention for cody.

Scrooloose: I'll be playing more Outriders, mostly. The usual otherwise. I'm working a bunch and maybe going on a MTB ride as well.

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