I'm here to write WRUPs and drink coffee. And I'm all out of coffee. Damn man, it's early I'm gonna have to get some coffee.

Microsoft wants Discord pretty bad. So much so, in fact, that they're willing to pay ten billion dollars for ownership of the app. Currently Microsoft has Teams and Skype so I'm not sure what they want with Discord unless it's to completely ruin it - I.E. Skype. Or perhaps they'll make it a  -Very convenient but exclusive product, accessible right from your Windows 10 app store. Just log into your XBox Network account from your PC or console.-  I'm honestly really worried that they'll destroy a very good application in the name of making it their own. I guess we'll just have to see if the deal goes down.

Meanwhile, a guy in Georgia was given his final paycheck from the auto shop he worked at in the form of 91,500 pennies covered in oil and dumped in his driveway. There was apparently a disagreement about being able to pick up a child from day care and a major falling out happened. The spiteful act is gross and disrespectful, but it's not illegal as pennies are legal currency. Sadly, this dude has to clean every penny by hand to remove the oil before he can deposit the money into his bank account. What a crap thing to do to your former employees. A quote taken from BBC News says "The owner, Miles Walker, told a reporter from CBS46 he did not remember dumping the coins on Mr Flaten's drive but added: "He got paid - that's all that matters." Call it a hunch but I have a feeling this auto shop may be soon getting review bombed.

The Suez Canal is being blocked by a cargo ship that somehow turned horizontally in the waterway. Literally millions of tons of cargo is being held up by the fact. More than nine billion dollars a day is being backed up until the way is cleared. Ships can of course take a longer and more dangerous route around Africa, but it's about an extra twelve days to a journey that already takes a long time. But considering it could take weeks to get this cargo ship lined up again and the damage caused to the canal repaired, it could be the best choice. In the meantime I guess we may as well all get ready for a ton of shortages that go well beyond our current silicon demands. Everything from cars to toilet paper is stuck in a line for the foreseeable future.

I don't really have anything else interesting or gaming related to talk about. I'm sure something must be happening but I'm not really seeing it. So...

What are we all playing?

Greywolfe: magic: arena. but not magic: legends, because that game is a miserable pile of cashgrabbery.

AJ: Ground Zero: Texas, baby! Gonna relive my Sega CD days. I'll probably also pick up Mad Max on GOG.

Yoda: More BDO. Might hop back into warframe and check out the new stuff while my Kuno does some afk bdo cooking :PAlso the Elite Dangerous Oddessy alpha comes out Monday for Space Legs.DOTA is still fun
Snyder Cut is not worth your time.And weekends are too short. Everyone have a great weekend tho!!

Scrooloose: Pretty much the same, same for me. Deep Rock Galactic and even though I slowed a bit on it, SnowRunner. The reason I slowed on SnowRunner is Dungeons 3 and I'm enjoying it's game play. Good mash up of various game play types and it's silly and fun. I picked up Mundaun, a hand penciled psychological horror game that I've been hearing good things about. So far it's fine. And I started a new map in Wonderdraft, so I'll probably work on that.


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