Oh Look, It’s A WRUP

A little late to the party today. I got my second vaccine shot (Moderna -No ill effects whatsoever so far) and while I was out I got some things done. But here I am now so let's get this WRUP in the books.

Resident Evil Village has released and people are gushing over it's slightly less scary but very entertaining game play. I've heard that the very anticipated Lady Dimitrescu's appearance is, sadly, a bit short and she's apparently pretty easy to avoid when she is stalking the main character. This is kind of a bummer since someone finally designed a "sexy" villain (whether it was purposeful or not) that goes beyond body image. However, the game play as I've seen it looks to be pretty fantastic. A bit more action packed than previous titles that focused more on crafting and puzzle solving than running from or fighting against the antagonists. I'm pretty interested to eventually check it out for myself.

Players of the seemingly endlessly troubled Outriders are seeing their lost gear returned as of yesterday. Wiped characters should see up twenty very highly rolled legendary items show up in their inventories. Even folks who hadn't lost items received items, copies of what they have already, upscaled for level and higher status rolls. I personally didn't lose any items but I did receive two new Torment and Agony pistol sets, a much higher rolled Daimyo submachine gun, an Icarus sniper rifle, and a Statue's Feet all level appropriate. So, if you're one of those that lost it all, congrats for getting things back in order. If you're one like me who just got some new stuff to decon or use, then that's awesome too. Outriders has plenty of issues (don't get me started on timers not stopping during unskippable cut scenes) but it's a pretty fun time. Some people are complaining though now saying that that gear restoration process has given some people an unfair advantage. To this I say, Get over yourselves. This is an entirely PvE game. There's nothing bad about getting through a timed excursion a little faster because someone got better rolls and or mods than they had before their characters were wiped for WTF ever reason and all you got was a bunch of higher tier copies of things you already have. It literally helps everyone in groups get higher tier finishing times. Just be happy the fix was rolled out and play the game and have fun. We won't go in to just how silly it is that there are as many bugs and or issues as there are. This isn't about that. Here's a bit more detailed look from IGN

Meanwhile word has gotten around about a 2022 version of the PS5 coming along with a little better CPU. Don't expect anything game changing but it could be a bit of a performance increase and maybe even save on a little power, which would mean less heat build up, which means less noisy fans. A supposed 6nm Ryzen CPU is in the works to update the current 7nm silicon. Let's hope manufacturing is catching back up by then as well. Here's a bit more about it from PC Mag

Okay WTF is the plan this weekend?

Greywolfe: hand of fate and magic: arena. magic: arena is the worst, because the best way to collect cards [as worked out by many folks] is to enter drafts. and limited is my least favourite format. it's just such an utter crapshoot in a game that has a great element of that due to it's land system. so now apply that whole idea to everything and it's the pits. i hate it with the force of a thousand burning suns. but also hand of fate. i'm through the part of the game i'd seen before, so now i'm at the part i liked the least in my original playthrough: finding and killing the king of scales. the battle to find him is already a battle of attrition, then, once you get there, his minions are invincible until he dies and they all have range and dumb weapons and it's miserable. this fight is exactly why i didn't review the game in 2018 while i was playing it. i hated it A LOT, because the whole thing felt so cheap and scummy. [this on top of a game that i quite liked right up until that point.] so...it's going to be a long weekend?

AJ: More Tomb Raider and Forza 5. Also probably some Dragon Quest Builders 2.

Scrooloose: I'm still progressing in end game upgrades in Outriders. That's more or less it this weekend I think.

Yoda: [I actually saw the Steam popup saying that he's playing Black Desert while I was writing this. So, there you have it]

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