Hey everyone. Here's hoping you all had a good Halloween weekend and enjoyed whatever festivities you may have been involved in safely. I spent mine with some friends in their loft smoking cigars and laughing listening to music. It was a chill and very good time. Now though it's time for fall to really feel like the fall season. We've had our first snow already and I think by Sunday we're expecting a lot more at least in the higher elevations. It's the most normal November I've seen in a long time. This is like when I was younger.  Anyway, here's to another nice weekend of gaming and whatever else might be coming your way.

Asrock has a pretty neat little IPS screen that fits up to your PC side panel out there. Right now it's very limited to certain Asrock motherboards only and that's unfortunate. I have an Asrock mobo and it's not even on the list of their own compatible devices. But I do think this is a super cool idea and providing the tech becomes more widely serviceable I could see myself using one. Here's a little about that from Tom's Hardware.

Are you playing Overwatch 2? Well, hopefully you're cool with all of the first games free content being behind a rather high reaching pay wall. According to a recent article from TechRadar, it's possible to still earn the in game currency needed to purchase content from the game store by completing weekly challenges. This is cool but the currency has a laughably low cap and if you wanted to never spend money in the store to buy what you want it would take more than 300 years to save up the weekly currency purchase it all. I'm glad I don't play this game actually. I wasn't a huge fan of Overwatch from the beginning but this kind of predatory action is hurtful. I stayed away from Destiny 2 for so long because it's kind of felt the same way, and yes by comparison the mechanic is similar. The in game currency there is called, bright dust, and it's earned through challenges but also through engram drops and daily bounties. There's no cap on it though and even with items costing thousands of bright dust to buy I find that it never takes me more than a few days to save up for those items. So even Bungie's store system is more player friendly and I feel like that's saying something.

Okay guys that's all I have this week. Sorry it's a short one, I just haven't had a ton of time to pay attention to the goings on. Hopefully I'll be seeing some news on AMD's 7000 series video cards soon. That excites me because it will mean prices will come down even further for the 6000 series which I still haven't been able to get ahold of, and maybe I finally can.

What's up this weekend?

Greywolfe: probably nothing for me this weekend. there are people here, so i have to be social. not really looking forward to it, but oh well.

Yoda: Prolly nothing for me as well. Have to take off to Texas for work training this weekend and I'll be stuck there for 2 weeks. Right when the rain finally picked up here :(

AJ: I just recently picked up loose copies of Alien 3 for the SNES, and Jungle Strike and Championship Pro-Am (aka RC Pro-Am) for the Genesis, so I'll likely be playing those a bit this weekend.

Scroo: More Destiny 2, just still enjoying the content even though I still despise the game systems. I also want to pick Scorn back up. I've just been busy AF.