May Your Days Be Long and Your WRUPs Be Abundant

Okay yeah, I missed last weekend's WRUP and I'd give you an excuse but I don't have one. I mean let's not assign blame. It's probably everyone's fault really. I said some things, you said some things, we're all adults here...

MechWarrior 5 has a new DLC called "The Legend of the Kestrel Lancers" and it's out as of September 23rd. You can expect 14 new campaign missions with dialogue and some new mech variants to choose from. There are new biomes including the mega city which is something folks have craving for a while now. Perhaps the most anticipated new feature is melee combat. Which is awesome because that's why some of the mechs carry fists or club like limbs in the first place. Also new is the ability to switch to any of the A.I. controlled mechs in your lance at any time. More here on the official site

There's a surprising new title out there called Sable and folks are comparing to the likes of Breathe of the Wild. The idea is that you're put into the role of a character called Sable and they're going through a rite of passage called the gliding. You'll pilot your little pod racer machine around various environs and discover dungeons, climb cliffs and search through ruins and so on. It actually does look pretty cool and I've wish listed it for now. This is the XBox page but you'll see the info you need here. It's also for PC.

For those of us who were fans of Sega's (and eventually THQ's) Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine, there's good news. A tenth anniversary edition is on the way that includes all DLC and some bits and bobs to have on the side. Not a ton more in terms of information yet here, but I played through this title quite a few times and spent many many hours in its once comprehensive multiplayer mode. Fair warning regarding that multiplayer: It's all peer to peer so don't expect any dedicated servers. If you're playing in the US your ping may in the 400 range. The single player campaign though is well worth going through and really does give you the feeling of being one of the Emperor's chosen. Rock Paper Shotgun has a little bit about it here.

Steam has a Sega sale going on right this moment and there's no indication of how long it will last. I can only presume that it will go through the weekend... I guess? In any case 23 titles are discounted from 25% off to 89% off. For instance: the Company of Heroes franchise collection normally sells for $123.91 and today it's $13.48 for the whole thing. Go check out the sale before it's gone, maybe you'll find something you can't live without.

And finally to paraphrase Sallah from Indiana Jones, - Holy smoke my friends, I am so pleased [we have actual new content]. Go read AJ's showcase roundup directly below this WRUP on the main Twinstiq page, or just lick this link, it's easier and we're all lazy nowdays.

Now, what the actual heck are we playing on our many and varied gaming devices?

Greywolfe: more vampyr. now that i've kind of figured out how the systems work [the game is NOT AT ALL intuitive in terms of how everything hangs together], it's a little better. still not great. this game absolutely needed a second pass to check if everything was balanced and ok. the fact that it didn't get it is kind of sad. but also wishbringer. i've triggered the switch in the game so it's gone from a quaint little town to a spooky village and that's VERY different. good god. so much nightmare fuel in that version of the world. lots of puzzles ahead, but it doesn't look like infocom's most difficult game, so i should be a lot of the way through it by sunday. and that's about it for me.

AJ: Pac-Man and Blaster Master Zero III.

Yoda0vgs: Spent another 9 Billion on a Blackstar Armor piece, now I be tanky enough to comfortably grind the underwater Ruins that where kicking my ass. So gnna be doing that to start getting my money back :P

Scrooloose: Still plodding along in SnowRunner. I have a long way to go before I start the newest maps so I'm just taking my time. I've held off on DeathLoop since the PC version seems to have some pretty game breaking issues still. I actually finally fired up a game that AJ got for me a while back called, Skyforce Anniversary. It's a pretty fun arcade bullet hell in the style of something like 1942 or Thunder Spirits.

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