It’s That WRUP Again

Hey there everyone, welcome to another WRUP. Let's just go right to it because I've been both busy and lazy at the same time and procrastinating is making me rush now. Yep, it's real.

It's October and that means Halloween stuff is coming right up. SCORN has been pushed up a week for release across the board and will now be coming up on October 14th. There's plenty of info out there about it but I did find a short little blurb on it from VG247 and they post the platforms available as Epic Games Store, Steam, GoG, Gampass and Xbox. I'm very interested in this title as I've mentioned before. Sadly the early release will have me waiting a day few days for play time as I have some personal commitments from the 13th to the 16th. Anticipation is good though.

In what comes as a surprise to basically nobody at all, Google is shutting Stadia for real. Thankfully, various publishers including Bungie and Ubisoft are scurrying to figure out what's next. Ubisoft in particular is trying to make sure that players can back up and import their save files to PC. So if you're a Stadia player just keep an ear to the tracks for info on how that's coming along. And don't panic because you'll have some time before it happens as it doesn't go down until January. Google has also said that they'll be refunding hardware, games and DLC purchased from the Stadia store. A direct message from Google can be read here. The question of what happens to the hardware has also been brought up and the best info I've run across is from Arstechnica.

That's more or less all I've paid attention to this week. Have a good couple days off everyone. See you next time.

Games, WTF?

AJ: Just got my Limited Run Switch carts of Knights of the Old Republic and BlazBlue: CentralFiction, so most likely those. Also, Skyrim is now on GOG, so I'll probably pick that up for the tenth time.

Yoda: Weekend Wow time for me. Gnna run a few dungeons to get a character or 2 up to level 60 to at least have the ability to okay Dragonflight when that launches at the end of November. Might play around a bit more in Classic Wrath. But probably not. Druid without flight Form is kind of a deal breaker for classic in my eyes lol

Scroo: Just more Destiny 2 for me. I think I'm high enough in power level now at 1582 to maybe tackle some of the higher end content, so maybe that's what I'll do. Otherwise I'm still enjoying the content available so far. I'm also doing some woodworking and I've got to get prepped for some house painting that's coming up this month.

Greywolfe: i'm at the point in ultima 3 where i've got everyone all the food they'll ever need, so now it's just time to explore. which is what i'm going to be doing over the weekend. i /think/ that apart from gaining stats for my characters, i'm now basically at the half way point of the game.