It’s Another WRUP

Good morning everyone, it's yet another weekend and that means it's WRUP time. We got our first snow this week and it was nice to see a change come to our incessant dry dusty weather. Also during that time my damn clothes dryer broke again so I ordered and new thermostat and fuse for that. I've got to figure out what's going on because dumping $50 every couple of months into the heater on my dryer is untenable.Not to mention the stupid amount of labor it takes to replace these tiny parts.

On another note, here's to everyone affected by these giant corporate layoffs happening all over the place. I know of at least a few people and am learning of more every day it seems that have lost their jobs, my sister is in fact one of those 11,000 people that were laid off from Meta. She'll be okay, she's already getting offers from other sources, but it's not fun to lose your stability. I feel especially for those who just moved to the bay area, just signed their one year apartment lease or whatever and then found out through an email that they've been let go because of some pandemic over-hiring or whatever it's being blamed on. I know of one guy who worked for Twitter and bought a house like 2 months ago, now he's jobless because a billionaire decided to take over a whole company and fire half it's staffing. Ridiculous. Anyway, to anyone out there who's been kicked in the teeth because you've been deemed expendable to the one per-centers who had to make very hard decisions good luck to you. Your resumes will likely get you back on track shortly.

Okay let's look at some WRUP stuff and things for crap.

Well if you're in the market for a Nvidia 30 series GPU, be cautious about your purchase. From Tom's Hardware comes info about a 3070ti desktop model that's based on the mobile version and it's considerably slower than it's namesake. I recommend the read here.

Do you like your gaming mice expensive AF? Well look no further than Razer's newest Naga with it's magnetic, interchangeable side panel. Why does my mouse need a side panel? I hear you asking. To which I say, if you're willing to spend almost $200 on a gaming mouse then why shouldn't it have a side panel? Ultimately the answer lies within you. Here's more from The Verge.

Now's the time to check out Steam if you want a great deal on some cool titles. Gaming studio Fanatical, is having a tenth birthday party by offering folks the chance to build a bundle of games, up to five from a list, and purchase them for $15. Smaller options are available as well. Fanatical's own website has the list and the deals. Just hit it up, make your bundle and get on Steam. On top of this you'll get coupons and a free gift for anything purchased over ten dollars. The deal is going for another 17 days as of now, so take your time if you wish.

Weekend plans?

Yoda: Well Texas is Hot, Humid, and smells like Sweat and BBQ Sauce. So I will in fact be playing a good bit of wow during my time here after all. Squeezing some Dota when I can and wishing I had my good pc to play Sonic. Which is prolly what I'll pick up once I'm back

AJ: I recently picked up an NES Zapper and a copy of Duck Hunt for some nostalgic fun. I may also once again hit up the local retro games store to see if anything there strikes my fancy.

Greywolfe: well, i done a silly: i was playing below the root and then picked up might and magic 2 and then downloaded return to monkey island. so...i dunno. haha. one of those three. though the game that has the strongest pull for me at the moment is might and magic 2. something about how vast and alien it is is appealing. [old rpg's just dump you into the game and let you figure out your path. m+m2 is that design to a t.]

Scrooloose: Probably not too terribly much for me. Destiny 2 somehow still has me entertained so that'll be on the docket. It might just be that time year to pick up SnowRunner again. And there's a possibility of playing Deep Rock Galactic's new season of silliness.