It’s a Dang Ol’ WRUP

Well hello again everyone. It's another weekend and that means another WRUP to fill out. We've got a few things to look at so let's just go to it, shall we?

Acti-Blizz is in trouble again, this time being sued by the state of California over some serious allegations of sexual harassment and a frat boy environment. This is really serious stuff guys and I'll link a couple of articles here so you can read for yourself. Blizzard, of course, denies knowledge of any of the alleged behavior and it's consequences. Of course for them to have any defense, that's what they have to do. Blizzard has also said they take it seriously and promise to investigate and make changes to see this doesn't happen any more. I had a whole thing written about this but it kept dragging on and on and honestly, I'm not knowledgeable enough to comment in a fashion that can be taken seriously on this subject. So instead I'll put the links in here and here from IGN and PC Gamer respectively so you can see for yourself.

Are you planning on playing any of Amazon's MMO for some reason? If so hopefully you're prepared to lose your GPU to overheating. Weirdly, this appears to be an issue specifically with EVGA 3090's so far. Amazon says they'll add a patch to cap frame rates [ideally this would help with power spikes and plunges happening to quickly for hardware safeties to keep up] and EVGA says they'll replace the affected GPU's. This is a closed beta so far and it's a strange occurrence in general for any software to be destroying hardware in this day and age. I would fully expect that by the time the MMO is gold things will be fixed on both ends of the pipeline. Still, it's a puzzler and it might make me think twice before getting on that beta no matter my particular hardware. More from PC Gamer

Semi-related to the Amazon MMO, New World - A popular streamer was permanently banned after she milked a cow, which is an action anyone can do in game. Of course there was an appeal filed and it turns out the ban was an accident, but it's a silly thing anyway. Read about that here from Dexerto.

Interested in more Witcher content? Me too. Netflix is giving us a second season of the current series with Henry Cavill in December. This excites us all around here, I think. That's not all though. The Verge has a teaser for an animated film based on the earlier days of Geralt's mentor, Vesimir. It looks awesome and it's coming out in about a month as of the time of this writing. Also according to that article, there's talk of a live action spinoff of the same upcoming movie. Cool.

Playing some games?

Yoda: Well I did a quest to make a hat and it turned out pretty dang awesome. Upgraded it a bit and sold it for 3 Billion Silver. So made a good chunk of change off that in profit after subtracting the cost. So prolly gonna turn Saturday into a Hat-urday and make some more hats in the world of Black Desert. But I've also been really digging a new grind zone I can actually do now where I kill elves for hours on end. And I do love killing elves so that's gonna happen. But also wanna keep earning more skill points on my seasonal character. So a mix of hat making, elf killing, and summoning water dragons with my Mystic. Might also finally play more of the new Corsair class as well but IDK, Water Dragons are way cooler than mermaids. That's just a fact.

Greywolfe: well, this week was a mess: my sleep pattern disrupted itself, so...very little biomutant at all. going to try playing some arthur this weekend, but i doubt that's going to happen, either. on the plus side, i'm now half-vaccinated. hooray! [against covid-19, in case anyone from the future reads this and is puzzled.]

AJ: More Smash Bros Ultimate and Alex Kidd in Miracle World.

Scroo: If I'm home this weekend I'll probably continue playing MechWarrior 5 some more along with going racing in F1 2020. But it might be time to pick up SnowRunner yet again as the next phase of the game is due out at some point, maybe not so soon, but I have a lot to finish up before moving on.

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