I’ll Just WRUP This Right Here

I just found this WRUP and I figured I'd leave it here for you. And only you.

Are you a crypto miner? It seems that Nvidia's "Unhackable" hash limits have been "hacked" by "hackers". Well okay not technically hacked, but they have been bypassed by some clever bois who have the cards running past the limits by using a custom Geforce Driver version 470.05. Great job guys. Now you can continue siphoning gaming GPU's from gamers who want to use them to play games so you can have more Etherium. To make matters worse, NV has announced a mining GPU for "Mining Professionals" called the CMP HX and even though that sounds like it should take some pressure off us gamers, the mining specific cards don't hold a candle to the mining rates that gaming cards have and is also probably going to be much more expensive. The 30HX and 40HX will release in Q1 this year and have 6 and 8 GB of VRAM respectively. Interestingly, the hash rates are only rated for Etherium mining with the 30HX claiming 26 MH/s and 40HX claiming 36 MH/s. Seems like a weird coincidence that the gaming GPUs were Etherium limited... Q2 will see the higher powered 50HX and 90HX boasting 10GB of VRAM each and higher hash rates. Here's NVidia's page containing specs

Intel's GPU is coming. I guess. The XE HPG dedicated GPU is probably going to be teased, maybe who knows, on March 26th. I don't know much about this but it could be another edition of gaming silicon that gets bought out immediately by bots and scalped for two to three times the MSRP on Ebay during a huge shortage of hardware. Good a guess as any right?

In more GPU disappointment news, AMD has released the 6700XT and they just shouldn't have. It's a decent GPU but priced higher than it's competitors by around $80 MSRP and really, who cares? It's already sold out and selling second hand for $1200. It's meant to compete with the 3070 but doesn't really come that close to it. Rather it sits around 3060ti performance levels for more money and shittier ray tracing with a fairly bad cooler design that sees hot spots reach 100c under loads. The 6700XT also carries less VRAM at 12GB instead 16, but that doesn't really matter in this case because the target is 1440p gaming. It's performance is fine, but it doesn't compete with the 3070 and just like everything else out there, you can't get one.

I'm bitter about GPU's.

Sony is giving away ten games on PSN next month. That should make some folks happy. Horizon Zero Dawn is one of those games and even though I say HZD is better on PC, it's well worth the price of free on your PS4 or PS5 (if you managed to get one). Polygon had a little to say about that

In some very exciting game news: Necrumunda: Hired Gun is coming in June. If you haven't seen anything about this, well now you can. The EPIC Games Store page is up as well as Steam's page. The preorder is live (don't do that) for only $34. I've been saying for a long time that we need a Necromunda game that is as good as Space Marine and thus far it looks like we may be getting it. This is first person instead of third but that's fine. The teaser shows wall running and frantic grappling hook action as well as super fast paced combat that seems to mash up the best bits of Titanfall, Dishonored and Doom with the 40k universe set in Necromunda's Underhive. Making this potentially awesome title is, Streum On Studio, the same folks that did Space Hulk: Deathwing. Another 40k FPS where the player commanded a Terminator Squad as a Librarian and took to shooting, shoulder rushing, power swording, lightning clawing, and psyker powering hordes of Tyranids aboard an infested and long lost fortress monastary. If Hired Gun is as good and faster paced then I think we'll have a hit on our hands. Focus Home Interactve is the publisher and we can expect it's release on June first. I'll just drop the teaser video below here and you can see for yourself why I'm stoked.

Alright dammit, that's enough out of me. What are we playing?

Greywolfe: well, magic. lol. but i dunno what else to play. i'm between very giant games and i'm not feeling up to streaming too much, so i haven't been making plans in that direction at all. if i WERE streaming, it'd be battlechasers: nightwar. but maybe also okami. i dunno. yoda's been talking [a LOT] about black desert: online, and since i have a copy of that, i sat through all 8 HOURS of that download to try it out. so far, i'm underwhelmed. but it's a mmo. sooooo.

AJ: Dragon Quest III and Punch-Out.

Yoda: Black Desert Online until his eyes contain little to no moisture resembling dried apricots at your local farmers market.

Scrooloose: Same ol' for me. SnowRunner and Deep Rock Galactic. I also installed Dungeons 3 which despite it's cheesiness is actually a pretty decent version of Dungeon Keeper that also uses a lot Warcraft 3 and Orcs Must Die features. It's fun if a bit slow paced and kind of easy.

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