Here I Go Again On My [WRUP]

Word up fellow game enthusiasts. Today is Saturday and it's time for another WRUP.

Perhaps the most exciting news I have today is the recent announcement that a new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles property is coming to the ol' PC. The same folks that did the Streets of Rage 4 reboot are in charge and I'm pretty down with the idea of getting back to stomping around the city streets in my favorite headband and putting the slap on The Foot. This is for sure another nostalgia game from my middle youth. I remember spending what must have been hundreds of dollars at the arcade in the back of the local pizza place playing TMNT and many others with my friends. I hope it brings back the same feelings when we get to play it again. Here's the Steam page if you're interested in seeing for yourself.

In other news, Bethesda has been acquired my Microsoft. I guess we can all expect the currently epicly buggy titles from Bethesda to be even more buggy under MS supervision. Oh and they'll be PC and XBox exclusive as well. Yippeee...

And for change of pace, there's a pretty killer looking new EV pickup on the make. It's called the Wolf from a company called Alpha and it's a sporty compact pickup that harkens back to the likes of the Subaru Brat, the Datsun 510, or even the Toyota Sr-5 from the '80s. Just look at those hot fender flares. It's a front wheel drive (boo) single electric motor or a four wheel drive (hell yes) dual electric motor set up and it looks to be pretty affordable. I'm not a huge fan of EVs in general. If you've ever seen images from the horrific strip mining that takes place to locate the lithium needed for batteries you understand. Imagine that multiplied twenty fold when internal combustion consumer vehicles are "gone". I agree that electrics are clean once they're on the road but, they're heavy, they're expensive, hard to work on, difficult to recycle and they don't last very long. But if EVs must take over... more of this please and thank you.

So the question we're all asking... What's on the playist this weekend?

AJ: Dragon Quest and Super Mario All-Stars.

Greywolfe: all magic all weekend long.  and maybe streaming some games.  i dunno.  my brain keeps farting.  i keep thinking that i'm at the point where i want to be sociable again and every time i consider actually getting in there and doing something like that, it just shuts down and says, "sorry man, we're not ready yet."  soooooo.  i dunno.

Yoda: Haha Yoda's red, irritated eyes continue to focus on his many Black Desert characters. I'm adlibbing his WRUP since he's likely ass deep in that world as I type this.

Scrooloose: SnowRunner is -still- going strong AF and I'm enjoying it as always. It's also a case of same ol' same ol' with the co-op shooter being Deep Rock Glactic. Still can't get enough even after 400 hours. Abandon Ship has been a surprising little gem that I keep going back to. And finally, I've recently been introduced to a super cool cartography program called Wonderdraft. So I've been making fantasy maps to drown out the noise of the world around me.

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