Happysad WRUP

I know I know, Cody is doing the WRUP again and making us listen to music before we find out what games we're playing. Well get over it! It's the new year! We've got new games to play, old games with new things! All sorts of games! You don't Even know!

Well, you're about too, here they are:


What Are People Playing?

Greywolfe: i am four-in-february'ing. i'm going to be rolling the first game with a dice roller, but my picks are: eastshade, epistory, evoland 2 and transistor. yes, i've played evoland 2 before, but yes, i'm also streaming every minute of the 4if this year [well, hopefully], so it matters, because i'm moving that stuff to youtube. that and more police quest 4. oh god, that game. good grief. and a little bit of the messenger, too, because i'm clearly a sucker for new games that look like old snes/nes games. [it has problems. and most of them could have been designed away, but we'll talk about that later, i guess.]

AJ Bayonetta 2 and Tecmo Bowl. Go Niners!

Scroo: Out if town this weekend. No games unless there happenes to a few moments of free time and then maybe board game action. But I find it unlikely. It's going to be a busy weekend between helping folks move and then throwing together a Superbowl party.

Tru: This is my handle, this is my spout. I am very lazy, so I am left out.

Yoda: Been really digging Disco Elysium so more of that like a needle in my arm to stave off the other addiction of being a Space Pirate Ninja.

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