Good With the Bad WRUP

Well, here we are on a long awaited sunny Saturday in CA. Or at least here I am. We're all done with COVID, thank goodness and here's hoping for no more of that garbage. Let's look at some WRUP related things.

This is the Diablo 4 beta weekend and if you're in there stomping around Battlenet I hope you're having fun. I will likely not be playing the open beta, sadly. I do want to see how it's coming along because I'm a Diablo fan, but after the mess that was Diablo 3, I pulled myself away pretty hard. I know now that it's quite a good game to play, but I never could make myself jump back in. Diablo 4 has my attention though and it seems to bring a few new-ish mechanics to what's already a great dark power fantasy RPG and even though I'm not a huge fan of Blizzard for reasons we've all heard concerning working conditions and so on, I'll very likely be buying and playing Diablo 4. Have fun with the beta. I've not read anything about it's going yet.

Have you got an extra $750 to spend on a PC peripheral? If so you may want to take a look at the Hacoa Full Ki-Board. It's a Japanese made low profile mechanical keyboard carved from a single block of wood, and it's beautiful if quite expensive. According to PC Gamer the thing is pretty specc'd out and Hacoa has global shipping so keep an eye out if it strikes your fancy.

Steam's spring sale is still going strong and there are deals to be had for sure. I picked up Deathloop for $20 and so far it's been worth the purchase. Big titles are down a lot, the Hitman series has a very affordable and attractive bundle offer. Red Dead Redemtion II is on sale for under $20, the first time I think I've seen that so low. Hundreds more deals await you if you've not seen for yourself yet. Head on over to the website to take a gander or just open your steam launcher. Just prepare to open your wallet as well.

The man behind the voice of Sylens from Horizon Zero Dawn, Commander Zavala from Destiny and from TV and movies like the John Wick series and Netflix reboot of Resident Evil, has died. Lance Reddick was a well know, certainly recognizable actor and I don't pretend to eulogize him here. I only want to convey the respect that a lot of gamers have for the guy. I don't think anyone else can voice Commander Zavala and I have a speculative feeling nobody else will. A bit from Forbes here focuses on that point. Lance Reddick was 60 years old.

This it from me this week. I hope you all enjoy your weekends and game happy. Maybe pour one out for Lance Reddick by playing Horizon or a little Destiny.

What are we playing?

Greywolfe: i'm /very/ nearly at the point where i'm going to wind down my play through of banners of ruin. i "beat" the end boss, but because combat doesn't end when that happens, i died in the same fight, because one of his henchpersons lived and stacked a LOT of poison on me. so, boooooo. but i've done what i wanted to with the game, so i'll be moving on as soon as i've unlocked all the other characters and had a chance to look at them.

AJ: It took some doing, but I was successfully able to hunt down a physical copy of Metroid Prime - Remastered for the Switch recently. Not quite sure why Nintendo decided on a limited release for that game but I will likely be playing that some. I also recently acquired a pretty nice-looking complete boxed copy of the original X-Men game for the Sega Genesis, so I may play that a bit as well.

Scrooloose: More Sable for me and probably some Deathloop as that's caught my attention recently.