God of WRUP

God of War, guys. God of War.

Thomas: Thinking about playing God of War

Greywolfe: what's this.  an actual game?  i'm trying torment:  tides of numenera.  so far, i quite like it.  it's like planescape:  torment in that it's slow and very verbose and i think i like the universe, but we'll see.  but mostly just daily questing, though.  my brain is clearly not in gear for "real games."  so lots of magic:  duels [while that game is still alive], lots of magic:  arena [while that game isn't doa thanks to the ridiculous economy] and lots of eternal.  [just to show up and do daily quests.]  it sucks.  i wish my brain would stop being in park.

AJ: I'll be having a Wii U weekend with Zelda: Breath of the Wild and Kirby: Star Allies.

Yoda: Finished Hearts of Stone so now I'm off to Toussaint for some Blood and Wine!

Scroo: The usual for me: Rats and Northmen will fall in droves and I'll probably drive a Soviet era vehicle or two through the mud. Haven't gone back to Doom yet, but still may. I'm also picking up God of War ASAP.

Tru: God of War!

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    Tim Chesson says:

    Despite the fact that I’ve been juggling multiple games these days, I got God of War. I played a few rounds of PUBG with friends Friday night and Saturday afternoon, and I fired up Morrowind on the X1 to see how that runs, but GoW is what’s captured my imagination. It’s good and I’ve really been enjoying it.

    Oh, we also played the new Ewok Hunt mode in Battlefront 2 on Friday. If you have that game and haven’t been back recently, hop in and try that before the mode is gone. Playing as a stormtrooper is straight up terrifying.

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