Well the weekend is upon us and the official start to Summer in this part of the world happened to be yesterday. My week, in terms of bascially everything, hasn't been great. But I'm hoping to turn that around with some home projects and game time. This week Epic has Rebel Galaxy for free and so far it's been fun. There's no "Z" axis to navigate, which is weird since it's a 3D space game if I'm honest, but I like it so far. Certainly, the sound track is good.

In other news, the Final Fantasy 7 remake is finally coming next March. That may be exciting until you read this next bit: It's going to be sold in multiple releases. Yeah, the first episode will only take place at the game's very beginning, the city of Midgar. That's beyond frustrating if you ask me. People have been chomping at the bit for this for a long time. Hell, our own Truelegendkiller is even trying to talk someone into buying him the ridiculous special edition for his birthday. The icing on this over baked cookie though? Square doesn't know yet how many episodes it will release in total or how long it will take to make them. Whether this news means that the game is just nowhere near ready and that's why it's being cut it into pieces, or if Squeenix just wants to make people purchase the game in multiple full price segments to milk folks out of their money isn't exactly clear. I'm leaning on the latter, because one quote states that the first release will be a, “fully standalone gaming experience". Sounds like a full retail release to me.

The FF series is all about pushing ahead to make your party stronger. Backtracking to secret areas to get to chests and finding the ultimate weapons so you can see those numbers finally reach 9,999. Now people are going to have to wait for who knows how long for, "episodes" to release in order to have the full game so they can play it the way the original did. How many players are going to get through Midgar and forget their progress by the time the next episode is released? You guys remember the Black Chocobo? The one you had to win by grinding races over and over? The one that allows you to run on the ocean in the world map and get to places the boat, plane and airship cant? I wonder how that'll be handled since it required you to be nearly done with the game before you could do it. Yet it was an essential step to getting ahold of the most powerful gear before taking on the ultimate bosses. It's gonna be a mess.

On top of all this disappointment, people are up in arms about how one of the characters, Tifa, has smaller breasts in the remake than the original... Seriously? Of all the things to be upset about within a release that's taken years and years to finally begin making it to a state of completion only to be chopped up and sold in episodes that have no time table or plan in general, people are focusing on Tifa's boobs? Give me a fucking break. I was never terribly excited to pick this up and I have to say I'm definitely not going to now.

Anyway, what's up this weekend?

Tru: So I picked up the remaster of Borderlands the other day, I'm trying to see what all the fuss is about... Maybe I need to play with other people. But I also have the Handsome Collection so I may power through all of them. I also jumped back into Spider-Man PS4, this is my fourth playthrough and I love it as much as the first time. Also, try to play though more of Days Gone if I can.

Greywolfe: i am winding down beneath a steel sky at long last. there's just one section left. unfortunately, it's also the section with all the dumb "timing puzzles" in it, and i bet i'm going to hate that. as for etherlords ii, i am going to try playing a little bit of it this weekend. we'll see how i go. maybe i'll stop running into trick decks. but given that this seems to be nival's go to for that game, i doubt it. finally, we have the sprawling assassin's creed: origins. i'm sixty hours in, i'm about to hit level 40, but there's still a whole lot of map to do. sometimes, i hate being a completionist :P lastly, we have our friend quest for glory 4: going to be doing some mindless clicking for stats. because that's how that game works :P [pick up rock! throw rock! now your throwing has gone up by +1. hooray!]

AJ: Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night. Also some Samurai Shodown V - Special, which I happily just shelled out for again because it’s now available on Steam.

Yoda: Gonna be house sitting this weekend so I'll mainly be playing the "Reading Catch up" game

Scroo (Hey that's me): Still finishing up Rime and messing with Sunset Overdrive on PC. I would also like to try out Rebel Galaxy since it's free right now. Other than that I'll be working and I'm still rebuilding the deck here at home little by little.

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