Fall Time WRUP-Tober

Welcome to another WRUP for the weekend. October is in swing and the fall weather is shouldering its way to the front of the line pretty quickly. We had some rain here yesterday and even some snow a couple thousand feet higher up. Oak trees are seeing a color change and my tomato plants are dying. No loss there, the tomatoes sucked this year. Today it's a beautiful crisp and sunny morning and for the first time in quite a while there's no wildfire smoke in the air, thanks to that aforementioned rain. I'm growing a beard, not sure how I like it yet. It's that time of year. Here's hoping you all out there are also having a good chill morning/day or evening depending on when you see this. Let's talk about some stuff and things.

Do you like Twitch? Well I'm sure you've already heard but there's a pretty big ol' eff up going on over there. It seems the entire platform has been leaked to infamous 4Chan. This includes Twitch's source code and the pay information for all users. So if you haven't done it yet, make sure you get into your account and change your passwords, update or change your credit card info and it's recommended that you set up two-factor authentication. At first I was suspect that this whole situation wasn't real but since then it's been confirmed. Don't neglect the issue thinking that nobody will care what your info is or not. Just go take a few minutes to fix things. Here's a link that explains more VideoGamesChroncle

Diablo 4 has a new game director and It's a guy who worked on Diablo 3 and World of Warcraft. Joe Shely is no stranger to game design but I have to say I'm not sure I'm thrilled that he's the lead. I don't really want Diablo 4 to turn into Diablo 3 and WoW. Let's hope that doesn't happen. PC Gamer has a full article on it

Valve says that opening your Steam Deck might end your life, but also strangely seems to encourage you to open it up, but no don't do it, leave it to the professionals, but it's cool to do and they'll be introducing spare parts for replacements, but don't work on it yourself, but you have every right to, but don't. Unless you want to. Are you confused by that little shoulder angel conversation? You're not alone. The clarity of the message isn't helped by the scattered video footage that's shown of the teardown. I think basically what Valve are saying is -This thing is yours but be careful with it because things can go wrong if you decide to crack the case. LTT did a sort of reaction video where Linus and Anthony watch the teardown from YouTube and speak a little on it. It's a little cringy and there's a lot pausing but there is some real information. Check it out here for yourself

WTF are we playing?

Tru: And I'm back! Miss me? No? Thought not. Jerk. Anywho, I'm back to playing games and not just focusing on being a teacher 24/7. One of my favorite games OF ALL TIME just released a remaster. Alan Wake. It was released on Tuesday on all next-gen consoles and on Epic Game Store so I picked it up on PS5. God, I still love that game. Note this is only a Remaster not a remake, so it does feel a bit dated and although it's been suped up to 4k/60fps on ps5 it still looks... dated. But I still adore it and plan to play it through twice again (Normal then Nightmare mode). Hoping they added some hints that Alan Wake 2 is finally coming (I know people will want Control 2 first but give me more Alan Wake... Or a full crossover as Control had a bit of one and both take place in the same Universe). Alan Wake is like returning to your favorite book. Sure it's a bit old but you still love it.Also. Metroid: Dread comes out Friday. I never got to play Fusion of the sequel so I'll be reading up on that but I'm super excited for a new 2D Metroid Game! So some of that this weekend.Also final Smash Ultimate Fighter was announced. Sora from Kingdom Hearts. I've called this for months but he drops on the 18th. Looking forward to learning him so I can school my students. I bring Smash to school and students come in to play at lunch. Well, that's all for now. You stay classy internet!

Yoda: Battlefield 2042 Open Beta is this weekend. Time to go get killed by a bunch of young people and laugh about it lol

AJ: Metroid: Dread and Cruis'n Blast. Also probably one or more Castlevania games.

Greywolfe: well, i did the dumb fight in vampyr. so now the district is going to crumble. thanks, game for not warning me about any of that. my frustrations with vampyr aside, i think i'm going to finish off wishbringer this weekend. that means - for a super old game - i'm probably going to pick up space quest 5 again. i'm also doing a slow, very gentle run of dark souls. [which is to say, i'm taking my time and seeing the sights and sounds and farming and just generally appreciating how interlinked and intertwined that game is with firelink shrine.]

Scrooloose: I think just SnowRunner for me still. EPIC has PC Building Simulator up for free right now so I may install it and see how that goes. Otherwise I'll be out working around the house and getting things prepped for the coming cold.

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