Easter Time WRUP’ers

Hey everyone, it's the weekend again and I'm a day late. But It' also Easter and hopefully you're all having a nice sunny day with family and friends while a giant rabbit craps colored eggs all over your yard and your kids frantically try to find and eat them. Easter is weird.

Outriders is out and having a bunch of launch problems. No surprise there, more or less every online only title is like pulling teeth to jump in to when it first gets going. There seems to be no reason for Outriders to be online exclusive though since there's no PVP or major multiplayer hub area so it's a little confusing as to why they chose that path. Cheaters aren't being banned because they aren't hurting the experience for other players since it's either solo or co-op with up to three player teams only. They are being branded as cheaters and are only allowed to match-make with other cheaters. Best I can figure it's whatever DRM/anti-cheat is being used is the sole reason for an online only requirement. This includes single player. I'm in agreement with the rest of the world that there should be an offline mode so solo games aren't interrupted by server errors. If you haven't played Outriders yet, think of it as The Division with magic, but on a slightly smaller scale like Remnant: From the Ashes. Actually Remnant and Outriders are more or less the same game but Outriders is a deeper experience. The core game play loop is pretty fun but a bit shallow. You'll be in mission areas that are big enough but not super open, maybe Gears of War is a good way to think about that, there's cover to use but don't do it unless you like running from grenades. Combat feels pretty bullet spongy so if you're not into that you probably won't love the game, but powers feel good and cool downs are quick so you can actually use your character the way it feels like you should be able to. You'll have four classes to choose from and each one has a subclass to spec into and re-pecs are free and available any time. It's definitely not perfect but it seems fun and accessible and I think it's probably going to be worth playing for a while. The demo is available and includes the first chapter of the game. It's not time limited but you can't use the stash and will be limited on how many upgrade materials you can carry. Your progress will carry over if you buy the game.

In other news, Hong Kong has stopped a bung of NVIDIA mining asics from reaching china. 300, CMP 30HX mining cards were seized as smuggled items during a customs check. China, as you may know, has a lot of government censorship in place and more or less banned cyrpto mining some time ago. The asics were headed for mining farms and are now property of the government. WCCF has more details for you

Happy Easter everyone. Please stay safe out there and enjoy your weekend.

What's the plan guys?

AJ: Breaking out a little Billy Hatcher and the Giant Egg as that's the most Eastery game I can think of (besides Animal Crossing, which I will also likely be playing a bit of). Incidentally (to anyone who might care), I just recently discovered that the Billy Hatcher soundtrack is actually available on iTunes and I am way more into it than I would have expected.

Yoda: I'm gonna try and get my Kuno to 61 in BDO and then maybe start leveling an Archer

Greywolfe: humble choice gave me elex, so i'm looking into that. so far, i like the world building. the combat is a little on the silly side [ie: you're weak and everything else is strong, so don't go picking fights you can't win with some kind of assurance.] that and magic arena. there's a new set coming and while i'm underwhelmed by the set itself, it also has stuff [that's going to be neutered] for a format that i'm in called historic [which is a dumb format, but which gets us to older cards...eventually.] and i want to collect those. so, i need all the currency the game will allow. that way, i can just pile into the free to play system and get as many cards as possible. [i will NEVER give money to magic: arena. for one thing, it's made by wizards. and for another, you just can't trust them. they've killed games because they weren't making enough money.]
Scrooloose: I'm getting the Outriders demo and I plan on checking that out. Otherwise it's the typical DRG and SnowRunner. I may also finish Mundaun which has been fine at best. People kind of went crazy for it but it's honestly not that amazing.

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