Hey everyone, sorry I missed last week's WRUP. We had a medical emergency in the family so I was unavailable. One mediflight and a few days in the hospital later and things are finally starting look better this weekend, but wow what a stressful week it was. As such I haven't really paid attention to games and news so let's see what I can find to discuss a bit below.

Sony looks to be following the path they took for Horizon Zero Dawn and putting Uncharted 4 in the lineup of PS4 titles to be ported to PC. There doesn't seem to be a ton of information about it yet but I think this has the potential to really kick off a pattern of good games coming to other platforms that would otherwise be stuck behind that walled garden of Playstation exclusivity. Similarly, Days Gone has also recently come to the compy and has done so quite successfully. I myself plan on grabbing a copy as well at some point. Hopefully Sony is scratching their proverbial chin with a bit of a squint waiting to see how popular the PC releases are, because it can only be good to have more ways to play great games. The only potential downside I can foresee is the possibility of Sony creating it's own PC games store/launcher to release their titles on. Not a terribly big deal I suppose but it just adds another program and login to have to pay attention to. In any case, keep these ports coming.

On May 18th one of my very favorite driving job simulators broke free of it's Epic Games Store stables and charged onto Xbox Game Pass as well as Steam. Snowrunner is quite possibly one of the best value and most engaging driving sims you can find. Hundreds of hours of challenging content, lots of vehicles to drive, a full modding community and some beautiful environments to get your 20 ton truck stuck in. Though it's slow pace may seem boring I can all but promise you'll find yourself on the edge of your seat while playing.

Amazon is looking to buy the venerable MGM Studios for an eye watering $8.4 billion. I and many of us here at Twinstiq don't love the idea of giant companies just swallowing other giant companies so this isn't exactly great news as far as we're concerned. But it will consolidate viewing material to Amazon's video streaming service... so I don't know, good... I guess? Not sure.

Okay guys that's all I've got right now, hopefully things will be returning to normal around here fairly soon and I won't be needing to worry about the health of my immediate family members.

What's on deck this weekend?

Greywolfe: oh my god! it's here! i'm finally playing biomutant! after years of waiting! and while it's not the best game ever made, it's just right for me and i'm enjoying it a great deal. that and, of course, some magic: the gathering. they turn the dumb, awful queue i hate a lot back on tonight, so it's going to make me extra cranky that i have to do that for two weeks, again :(

AJ: Shin Megami Tensei III and Forza 6.

Tru: Back to Mass Effect for me. I picked up the Legendary Edition so I'm starting my journey all over again. I also decided to restart Sleeping Dogs, so if I can peel away from Mass Effect I'll play more of that. But let's be honest. There are 12 more school days left this year so I'll be stuck grading or planning my finals week.Man being a teacher gets in the way of gaming. Guess I have to... Git Gud. (Cue that Roger Daltrey scream).

Yoda: Well Space Legs is out on Elite. But launch day bugs are pretty damn bad. So prolly gnna be more into board games and of course BDO for this weekend

Scrooloose: (hey that's me) Maybe some Vermintide 2 since Chaos Wastes have been out, that's been fun. Not sure there would be much else with all that's been happening lately.

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