Busy Weekend WRUP

Well it's been a busy weekend for me (how unusal) so I'm late for WRUP.

Pretty cool news from EPIC as they've introduced Lumen ray tracing in conjunction with Nanite used in Unreal Engine 5. An oversimplification -Together they work to create real time ray traced lighting on some very highly detailed models. It may be a while until we see anything big produced with the applications in mind but it should have some big implications to not only the game industry but film as well. Logic Simplified has a decent page of info here.

Wondering where your GPU's went? Well, maybe Tesla has them. It seems the Plaid has a Navi 23 GPU and the in car navigation can run Cyberpunk 2077 at 60 FPS. Just what we need, GPU's put into cars that can't be used for anything except navigation and music apps. Perfect.

And of course everyone's tripping over themselves about the Elden Ring trailer. I actually think it looks great so far, but it's early and things will likely change before release next year. But the Souls formula is a good one and Elden Ring seems to be a bit more open world-esque than it's Dark Souls siblings. Something to keep an eye on anyway. I'll put the trailer below.

So what are we playing the rest of the weekend?

Greywolfe: biomutant!  i'm slowly collecting the clothing sets that let you go into biomes.  so the next big step will be just to start wading through the biomes to pick up points for my mutant, so that he can get all the powers and then be a silly killing machine.  it's fun, if you're willing to accept it for what it is [and don't try and heap the expectations on it that the press was attempting to, pre-launch.] - also, magic.  i get to not scream at my computer for a little while, because the absolutely stupid limited queue gets turned off for two weeks.  urgh.  this is the worst three months i've had in that game since last year [when i did much the same thing.]

Yoda: [Black Desert Online] Gonna Reach Mastery Rank Gathering on my Meahwa this weekend, also started making Cooking Utensils to sell for Hella Money.Been fighting in some low AP End Game zones now with my Kuno, so I'll prolly do a fair bit more of that and save up for my next piece of Gear.Also gonna shop around the in game guilds and see who we all want to join.

Scroo: I finished Jedi Fallen Order, what a good play through that was. Finally, I've started FarCry 5. Seems pretty decent so far, less radio tower climbing and minor differences to camp liberation. It's more or less same same but I'm enjoying it so far.

AJ: Super Smash Bros - Ultimate and Wonder Boy: Asha in Monster World.

Tru: Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart and probably more Mass Effect. This teacher is officially on Summer Break so I have more time to game.

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