And We’re WRUP

Hey everyone and good morning on this very rainy Saturday. Or icy or snowy or maybe even warm sunny Saturday depending on where you are. Happy coming new year everyone.

It's been raining for days and days here and I am an outdoor worker so I haven't been working. Fine by me, I'll take the extra time for myself. This has allowed me to gather a bit more with friends and so on and of course I've been able to get a lot more game time in. I've also found myself playing a bit more with the settings on my new GPU. I like to just let things run in stock configurations because I find no need to overclock and risk instability, but I'm also interested in seeing what various driver level sliders can do to improve performance. For instance, I have an AMD GPU, a Sapphire Nitro Plus RX 6800. It's been great so far, I love it. But with AMD it's pretty beneficial to undervolt your card because it'll more or less just hand you performance with minimal effort. There are lots of tweaks now at the driver level in the Adrenalin software and it's easy to make profiles and stress test and keep things stable while even making real time changes. If things do get a bit wonky the driver suite is pretty good at recovering and dropping back to safe levels without hard-locking your system.

With that in mind I figured I'd share a link from one of my favorite YouTubers, JayzTwoCents, as he goes through some settings with the reference 7900 XTX. The settings he shows here are available with all AMD GPUs in various forms. Some buttons may not be available depending on hardware configurations and so on. For instance, I don't have the "rage" mode button and the access to SAM because I'm not using a PCIE 4 mother board, even though I do have the required AMD CPU/GPU combo. The general sliders and fan curves etc will be there so just play around a little if you're comfortable with it and if you find things not to your liking just set them back to default and wash your hands of it.

Here's hoping everyone had a great holiday and that you'll all have a safe and fun new year. See you in 2023.

What are we playing?

AJ: This weekend, I will be ringing in the new year with some Cult of the Lamb and Sonic: Frontiers. Happy New Year!

Greywolfe: reinstalling windows. the least fun you can possibly have :)

Scrooloose: I finished off my Destiny 2 holiday event challenges so I'll be working more on seasonal stuff and continuing that power level chase. Darktide, because there are countless more heretics that aren't going to slay themselves.