Good morning everyone and as usual it's WRUP time.

So it's Diablo 4 open beta weekend and I'll say that the game has a ton of potential. The game play is very intuitive, there are a lot of skills in a pretty large skill tree to choose from, the game is very well optimized and so far the world and lore are pretty intriguing. The problems come up pretty fast though as the game seems to more or less unplayably buggy. The worst is a memory leak that gradually eats up your VRAM until the game crashes. The best workaround I've found for that so far is just to have a hardware monitor open and once you see the VRAM useage climbing high you'll drop into your settings menu and change graphics presets to a lower setting and then back to your preferred setting. This resets the memory useage. There's also a roll of the dice if you enter a dungeon area because the game can stop responding during the load screen and the only fix is to restart the game. This is mostly annoying because there are que times to log into a server and often they're over an hour wait. If you happen to log back in and D4 tries to put you back in your previous session you're likely to see an error code. All error codes require a restart of the game which of course puts you back in the que and so on. This can happen repeatedly as I found out yesterday. There are also server disconnects because of the high volume of players and guess what happens when you try and reconnect... an error code. It's mostly a bad experience so far. However I will say that when it's working it's really awesome. I'll try and play more for sure and there was even a small patch this morning, so hopefully that fixed a few things or at least helped with stability. In any case if you're looking to jump into the beta weekend prepare yourself for possible frustration because it is of course a beta still and as such is buggy. But, it's worth trying out none the less.

What are we playing?

Greywolfe: i finished up what i wanted to do in banners of ruin [which is to say: i got to the prince. didn't kill him, but if he didn't have any hench people, he would have died.] - so after the weekend, where i'm going to find another version of king's quest 2 and play that through [the apple iigs version, specifically], i'm going to be starting to go through omensight on monday.

Scroo: I've bent to the winds of the Diablo 4 open beta so that's what I'll be doing this weekend.

AJ: Young Souls and Bayonetta 3. I've also been revisiting some 3DS classics this past week so possibly more of those as well.