All Hands On WRUP

Good morning everyone and welcome to the weekend. It's WRUP time yet again.

Well I finally did it. I got myself a new GPU to replace my aging Vega 64. I'll tell you what though, this old Vega has been a hell of a card for me. Initial value wasn't that great I admit, but nowadays it's still running virtually everything I want to play at very respectable frame rates in the high 80s to well over the max 144 that my monitor likes to have. Still I've been wanting a 6,000 series GPU since I saw them and finally I've managed to get a 6800 non XT. Now, I know I am settling a little because I definitely want the XT. The Non XT is leaving about 20% performance off the table comparably but at 1440p the performance is just a few percentage points different and the non XT uses less power, and I was able to get the brand I've had my eye on since release. In fairness I could have bought the XT version and got the same brand but I just couldn't justify the extra $200. If I had been moving to 4k I would have been able to pull that trigger easier probably. And before anyone says -- Scroo the 7k series is coming right up, why not wait for one of those? Well, it's because I would have to build a whole new system to utilize one of those and that's not in the cards. I'm sure I'll be happy with my non XT and I'm sure that prices will continue to fall once the 7k series comes out so if I'm not all that happy, I might be able to just upgrade and sell the non XT to recover some cost. Anyway I'm happy to finally be able to put this old Vega down with some reverence. It's been a beast of a GPU and it'll be going to a new home to live a friend's system that still has an old 1050ti in it. So it'll be upgrades all around.

And speaking of GPU's. Nvidia has finally responded to the melting cables reported from the thiccest of bois, the 4090. It looks like no matter what happened to cause that melting, if you're affected you'll be given a full RMA for both card and cable. I'll toss in a link to Gamers Nexus here where they have done a video stating the response from NV and show some of the issues that could cause your connector to melt. I highly recommend anyone watch this because the common cause is something that could happen to anyone and it's just good advice in general. In any case it looks like you won't have to fight for your replacements and that's a very good thing.

That's it from me guys. I have a head cold and I've already been staring at this screen too long. So have a great weekend and we'll see you soon.

What are we playing?

Greywolfe: i'm just going to sit and watch twitter burn, this weekend. no other plans. lol.

Tru: I'm on break from work, so I've been rocking through God of War: Ragnarök. Might play more of Hades. If I finish God of War I have a few other games I need to tackle.

Scroo: Dark Tide Baybeee