Winter WRUP

Well, it's snowing heavily and it's cold, so I'm going to try and do this quickly before the power goes out.

#4if is coming long nicely for us. I've done 3 of my games now, and our team chat is busy with everyone's updates as well. I might just be able to finish this four in February if I can only stop playing Apex Legends for a few minutes to win a Dead Cells run.

Far Cry New Dawn is out and seems to actually be a good Far Cry game to my surprise. As well as Metro Exodus releasing on it's controversial Epic exclusive, one year timer. Still I'm seeing good things, even if the second real game to use RTX is using RTX rather poorly. I guess it comes down to personal preference when looking at using ray tracing. Fast frame rate and not quite as good lighting or, halved frame rate and some different lighting effects that are only really noticeable in certain situations. Ray tracing needs work but I still feel like eventually it'll make a real impact. Not worth it for me though, I didn't build a higher end system to run at 45FPS.

I think I already know but, what are the games this weekend?

Tru: Now on to 2/4 of #4if . My amazing fiance got me Resident Evil 2 Remake for Valentines day, so I'm going though that. Man it is intense right now, bringing back all my scaredy-cat days as a kid when the game first came out. Having fun so far. I'll also go back and try to get the last trophy to get my "platinum" on my first game of the month Kingdom Hearts 3. I've unlocked everything else in that game but still need one trophy.

Greywolfe: still 2/4 with #4if. i've switched gears. not playing simon right now. i picked up conquests of the longbow and am working my way through that instead, because i'm sort of curious to see what christmy marx did with that game after conquests of camelot, which i liked a bunch. i think longbow's going to have an issue with gender again, like heart of china did. some 90's games are making me shake my head. SERIOUSLY ROBIN HOOD. LADY MARIAN IS NOT A THING YOU WIN LIKE A TROPHY. SHE'S A PERSON. also, more rogue legacy. by the time this goes up, i'll be exactly half way through the manor. just a million billion more upgrades to go. good grief.

Yoda: My #4if is getting fubarred in the Ass crack by Apex Legends. Also the grind in DBFighterZ is getting real old real fast. Story is cool but God damn there are so many unnessary battles. I might drop it for a bit and move on to Prey so I at least clear something from the backlog :P

Scroo: So my #4if is nearly complete and if I wanted to cheat I could trade a title out for another that's recently done. But I want to stick with what I went with originally. I just need to make it through a whole run in Dead Cells. The problem is that even as much as I've played that game I've only got 2 of the runes and only a few weapon blueprints and starting upgrades. I just need to keep going and get what's needed to finish it up. Also, Apex Legends of course. I'm still not very good at it but I have 2 wins now so there's that. Honestly it doesn't matter to me if I win or not, though the winning is satisfying. It's such a fun game to play and that alone is enough to keep me going back for more. Even more importantly, the community has yet to turn into a bunch of bile spitting ragamuffings.

AJ: Still #4if-ing. Working on Far Cry 4 and Sky Force: Reloaded.


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